Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lucky Strike...

Sonny boy's school was closed today due to the teachers being on strike, and had I not 'volunteered' to take a day's leave to look after him, I would of had to either strike myself or run the gauntlet of the picket line at work, so despite fearing for a retirement in poverty, it didn't stop me living for the here and now!

We took a trip to town for a late breakfast, and I obviously had birthday money burning a whole in my pocket!  We went to The Sewing Machine Shop, although the birthplace of my new machine I had not ventured inside before; do not even ask why, I have no response to that, other than I had badly misjudged this book by it's cover!  From the outside it is crammed with every sewing machine, over-locker and embroidery gadget ever made; and when trawling the internet for a good price on my chosen machine, this was not only one of the best deals, but a local shop for local people.  The website mentioned a fabric section, hubby didn't look when he went to collect, I needed to know.

The basement was an Aladdin's cave especially for Moda pre-cuts and I got to touch a real-life Go Cutter!

You know me by now, I couldn't leave empty handed and hurt Gavin's feelings.  I was rubbing my hands with glee when I found this Central Park layer cake under a pile of traditional prints, and I had to get a couple of skinny quarters...  just because they were there!

We popped to the usual fabric emporium, I needed some felt for a new needle book swap I have joined on flickr, and a few other bits and pieces and that was me done.

Well, until we got home...

My parcel and instructions for the July Bee blocks from Judith have arrived.  I say 'instructions' in the loosest sense of the word.  2 FQs of Oakshott solids and the use of my imagination!  Oh boy!

Also awaiting me was this charm pack from Quilttaffy in the US...

Summer House by Lily Ashbury.  It is part of my Kaleidoscope quiltalong plan which I will be perfecting this evening.

So now I am off to cut 400 triangles, and that doesn't include the solid which I only ordered last night!

Apologies if I appear to be ignoring your blogs - Blogger has been on strike too making commenting a bit hit and miss!

PS. Some of my parcels have reached their destinations... more on that soon x


  1. Lucky duck! Good digging through the fabric you don't want to find the stuff you do. And so glad you have children you can take into a fabric shop who don't insist you buy more them than you do for yourself. I tend to try and leave mine at home if at all possible.

  2. Great fabric - yummy. Blogger was a pain today.

  3. Always nice to find another source of fabric, whatcha got planned for the layer cake? Something awesome I'll bet :-)

  4. Just a *few* bits of fabric then? What a good son to accompany his mum!

  5. a little fabric.... but the way you work you will need more by sunday! i was one of the striking teachers....xx


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