Friday, 10 June 2011

Union Quilting...

It feels like ages ago that I got Dad's Union Quilt all basted and ready to go, so having got the skull 'in the bag', I made the most of the lovely light evening and quilted to my heart's content.

As the back is an expanse of grey, I was a bit anxious about any snaggles showing up, but it's all good.  I even chose to unpick a couple of wonky areas!!  A first, (Rhonda are you proud?), but as it's for my Dad, I really wanted it to look as perfect as my 'old' machine will allow, (2 weeks and counting old boy!).  

OK, so he did have a tantrum and I had to unpick a bit more; your days are numbered my Brother, so behave or you won't even be a 'spare'!  Look what he did the other evening...

Well it's the weekend, so I'll be cramming in as much sewing action as possible over the next 48 hours...  I might even spend my £25 Premium Bond winnings - Woo Hoo!!! 

Happy Weekend everybody x


  1. don't ya just hate when that happens and its always when you are near the end or tired! Fi

  2. Hope you had a spare needle. Despite buying them in packs I never seem to have one when I really need it. Happy sewing weekend. Mine involves dance practice, and dance rehearsals, etc. Joy!

  3. lol unpicking wonky sucks, did a hell of a lot of that the last few days myself! Here's to a weekends sewing that doesn't need the seam ripper for both of us!

  4. Hadley are you getting a new machine? So exciting!
    And I had to pick out stitches today too- boo! Hate that!

  5. Yes, yes, definitely straighter than mine!

  6. Love that print in your backing, what is it? And what machine are u going for, it's so exciting to get a new one :-)

  7. Looking forward to seeing the front quilted - back looks fab. If I had £25 to spend it would definitely be on fabric - have fun sewing this weekend. Jxo

  8. congratulations on your win, that could buy alot of nice fabric! love the quilt and hope Mr sewing machine keeps on going for just a bit longer.. He has done you proud so far. x


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