Sunday, 5 June 2011


Having been told by a 4 year old that if I stare at my laptop too long I'll get square eyes, I got on with some real-life stuff to make amends.

The Brit Quilt Swap 'sandwich' has been basted together - the decision about binding in pink (pomegranate) or teal (jade) thrown to the flickr masses to be met with a split response, so I am none the wiser at present - so more playing tomorrow before I get on with the quilting and binding.  Last chance partner to convince me to go in your preferred direction!

I then got to work on that lovely pink fabric I received the other morning.

The eagle-eyed of you might have seen the button I added for a Rainbow Charm Swap, organised by super talented Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts.  28 of us will cut a yard of fabric into 56 5" charms in a specified colour, return them to Jennifer who will divide them all out and return us all a rainbow of beautiful fabrics!

I chose the scrummy Yosemite from Jenean Morrison's California Dreamin' line, and it's lovely.  As I bought a metre, I have a nice piece left over for playing with too. 

As the sun was shining yesterday, I put a rug in the dappled shade of the crab-apple tree and thumbed my way through my library books - not very inspiring I'm afraid, but I found some good practical advice in the embroidery book.

And if the lap-top won't do it, the TV will - did you see Dr Who?  Whoo-hoo I guessed!


  1. Would you like my opinion on binding your Brit Quilt Swap quilt? How about a bit of both? When I bound my Licorice Allsorts quilt I had nearly enough of one colour binding so rather than waste it, added a few inches of another, and I love the effect. They are both such pretty colours!

  2. I think that as you will have all the experience that it would you will be the perfect person to arrange a Brit rainbow charm swap. (Don't you feel the urge now that I have planted the idea? Doncha???)

  3. My other half is a Dr Who nut and he was gobsmacked!!

  4. I'll second Susan's suggestion!!

  5. Rainbow charm swap is such a good idea! Go on go on go on go on!

  6. Both of your color choices for the binding are gorgeous! I made it into the Rainbow Charm Swap, too (yay!)-- but I can't figure out how to import the button into my sidebar!! I've tried like 3 times-- guess its time to ask Hubster for help on that. I love the Yosemite!! I plan on going to the fabric store this week to pick out my assigned color this week. Wouldn't watching TV qualify for causing square eyes, too? Perhaps your daughter was asleep at that point. Love her imagination and assertiveness. Sounds like you had a great day!

  7. My 13 year old is watching Dr. Who now, soon I will be too. I think it is hilarious that your child is saying the kind of things that my parents were saying to me about technology!!

  8. Love the pink! So pretty. :) Can't wait to get everyone's fabric and see what they all chose.

  9. I saw the rainbow charm swap ... And tried to join, but I was too late, but I am following now, so I can get in next time! Hope you had a good weekend. ( I only saw the last half of Dr Who, and it made NO sense to me!!


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