Friday, 24 June 2011

Remember when...

...back in May I made my first Bee blocks ever for the newly formed Brit Bee, (of course you do, most of you are in it too!); well although one of our number is sadly MIA at present, we have decided we can post about what we made already.

So here are mine...

These were made in the days before I discovered the trick of getting my iron to work properly, and it was my first attempt at perfecting my 1/4" seams with the aid of masking tape!  It seems like so long ago already.  I am such an expert now, ha ha! 

These are LynneBobSquarePants blocks, designed by and made in honour of the Brit Quilt movement Leader, Lynne!

I can't wait to see how Trudi's quilt turns out.  I will be able to show you this month's blocks for Fiona in a week or so, and July's design is being unveiled to us by Judith on Sunday.

I am already planning ahead for my month, and it's not until November!  I have acquired a couple of layer cakes as specified by the Moda Bakeshop recipe that I am 99% sure I will use... but then again, I have been known to change my mind! 

Now might be the time for me to get busy with my Pinterest account - but I am scared that every second of spare time will be filled with frantic pinning!  If you don't hear from me in 24 hours, you know where to find me!

Happy Friday Everyone x


  1. I haven't quite got my head round bees yet, but I like your blocks........Oh Fransson has posted a new book about Bees, looks interesting.

  2. I keep hearing about 'pintrest' but haven't investigated. Like I need more distractions. I've not got my head around bee's either. I'm worried I'll mess up somehow. The Mess up Potential seems high. I love your blocks though!

  3. Oh your blocks are just lovely, great colour use!!

  4. And what beautiful blocks there are too! I've resisted Pinterest, for the time being, way to much time spent on the lappie as it is, less sewing time :)

  5. Love your blocks. Let me know how you find Pinterest. I looked at it once and found it a bit confusing (not hard I know!). What are the benefits? Jxo

  6. Your blocks are beautiful!
    I. Will. Not. Visit. Pinterest. I am scared what would become of me if I did....... Starving children, roaming pets, shambolic house, husband tearing his hair out, and that's just with flickr, blog hopping and sewing!
    I. Must. Not. Visit. Pinterest........

  7. I love the blocks! Great color combinations and a great pattern.
    I love browsing through Pinterest. I don't have an account. I just lurk. I love it!

  8. Those are beautiful blocks!

  9. Oh yay, love these - what MBS project are you looking at for your month (I promise I won't tell!)?

  10. great blocks and happy pinning! put some music on and pin in time, xx


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