Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stick a label on it!

This evening I have played at making labels, and surprisingly easily I have produced the long awaited label for my Brit Quilt Swap.

I finally came up with a name that I am happy with...

Resurrection Tea Party!!

All my initial thoughts seemed to revolve around 'Death' and that wasn't quite the angle I was hoping for; and try Googling 'Tea Party' for inspiration and all you get are blimming Sarah Palin and crew, so no help!  But having bounced it around in my head for what must be weeks, I 'got' it!

So referring back to Lindsey's tutorial, I got cutting and ironing the fabric and freezer paper, tweaking the layout and colours, and bingo - a fantastic label! 

I was convinced it would bleed all over the place, and print all wonky, but no - perfectomundo!  Look at the owl - and wait until you can see the other icon!

So partner, it's all attached and finished; your name and picture are hiding there, especially for you!


  1. So you stuck freezer paper to the fabric and just stuck it in the printer? Oooh must try it. Love the quilt name, someones gonna be awffy lucky! x

  2. Honestly, it is as simple as that!!

  3. There goes my notion that a Crayola crayon and a piece of sticky paper would be enough of a label for mine!

  4. i brilliant name! and what a great idea i may just give it a gox

  5. Cool! Helpful tute too, think I'll give that one a go cos I'm always disappointed with my labels. Jxo

  6. Thanks for this! I've always wondered about printing labels (bet mine bleeds all over the shop!) but also a huge thank you for making such a fabulous job of my quilt. Positive Mental Attitude (also known as kidding yerself!!)


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