Monday, 20 June 2011

I got mail...

... terrific lovely mail!

Yep, I arrived home at lunchtime to find a couple of parcels on the mat; and of all the things I was expecting to receive today, these were not they!

I opened the one with the sender of 'Donnachie' first, as I knew that was lovely Sheila and pretty confident it was my Pay It Forward gift!  It was...

How lucky am I??  The owls (the zip!), all perfect!  There was also a little book of quilting quotes and a delicious 'Scottish Tablet' which is nothing like it sounds.  For those not lucky enough to know, it is kind of a dense fudge-like block of sugar!  I didn't eat it all just yet, but I could have, very easily!

Thank you again Sheila, you are a star!

So in the spirit of the gift, I have spent the evening making more and tweaking some of my PIF items - even if I get them all made and divided out between my lovely ladies shortly, I may or may not send them immediately, I haven't decided yet ;)

My other parcel was also wonderful to see, I cut it open so carefully!

Considering I only ordered my fabric from Jo last Tuesday, and it was posted Wednesday, I never expected my parcel from Japan so super quickly!

The sewing room fabric is for the swap, and the other is for me, I have plans...OK I don't, but it was too nice not to indulge, sorry.

Just look at the selvedge...  (it's probably upside down!)...

So there you go, lucky lucky me... and as for the mail I was expecting, you know I won't keep that to myself now eh!


  1. What lovely goodies! The owl pouch is so cute. I'm a big fan of Scottish tablet too :)
    I'm blaming you for me 'having to' sign up for the Japanese fabric swap, lol. Your fabric is yummy. I'll get something sorted out when I return from sunny Spain!

  2. Great mail! Dont think I have ever had Scottish tablet...sounds a bit like fudge? If si I would certainly enjoy that too!

  3. I like that sort of mail!! Enjoy!

  4. Woo hoo!! That means my turn is coming soon. I better get cracking on my gifts.

  5. Well, some time in between now and 305 days or so.

  6. Sheila's purse is so cute and owl-appropriate! Love the wee sewing machine print! Jxo

  7. Very cute wee baggy :-) Isnt getting post fantastic?! Do love your japan swap print x

  8. the bags great and fabulous choice of fabric. not sure which i prefer. which one is yours? x


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