Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day...

Well the handmade offerings to celebrate Father's Day have been handed over, so I am free to share...

A geeky 'scrapple' rug mug...

...and a moo-cow...

The former sprang from the recesses of my brain, trying to think of something the Macman would appreciate, and the Moo was my first make from my 'Meet Me At Mike's', which had sat on the shelf too long waiting to be investigated.  The pattern was pretty simple, although there was no way I was ever going to be able to attach the legs as instructed, (I did try), but I don't mind a bit of slip-stitching to finish anyway.  Made from a piece of Echino and a lot of my upholstery samples, it gained me a tick too, bonus!

I have perfected 'eyes'!  Yes...
Master a few more embroidery stitches, especially French knots.
I can do them with my own peepers closed now - why were they such a problem to me before?

So those were the gifts, along with obligatory giant Toblerone, then we spent a good part of the day at the Sussex Country & Game Fair on the Parham House estate.

I think photos will best explain this...

We ended up getting wet but it wasn't too bad; a 5 minute drive home soon meant everyone could dry off afterwards.

There was a Craft tent with a couple of 'inspiring' stalls; Nicky Louth Davies and Moji Designs.  Take a look at their sites and their prices, and then get your thinking caps on and calculators out... I think there's a School Christmas Fayre with my name on it!

Whatever you got up to today, I hope it made you and those you love smile x


  1. looks like you had a fabulous day. is the helta skelta meant to look like a light house? like it anyway! great gifts for your dad.i will now look at your links. x

  2. Go for it girl, get selling your stuff!

  3. Lovin the macdaddy mug rug, so cool! In fact, I wish I had done that for my Pops, he would have loved it! Also, that slide looks epic. Did you or the chillywildren partake in its sliding funsies at all?

  4. this looks like a great day out, i love country fairs!

  5. I love that scrapple mug rug, I need to expand my rainbow coloured scraps and then give that one a go- I know someone who would really like that! Is it slightly weird that I just exclaimed "Oooh a joules flag!" lol, joules have their headquarters in our little town and joules clothing is practically a uniform here :)


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