Monday, 6 June 2011

My Secret Obsession...

I am linking up with Kerry to share 'My Secret Obsession'.  Read Kerry's funny post - she loves Tim Minchin, which is excellent, and follow the links to other obsessive folk!

So mine?  I could go with the 'expected', kids eating the wrong things, watching too much TV or the totally 'natural' Harrison Ford crush, but no.  I'll share two, although I think one is just plain OCD!

Pegs...  I cannot hang washing with odd pegs!  If an item of clothing requires 2 pegs, or maybe even 4 for a sheet or duvet cover, the pegs have to match!

If the kids want to help, and pass me non-matching pegs, they usually just shrug, roll their eyes, give me an "oh mama" and play along with the mad woman's request!

Normally it's not a problem, but on those warm summer days when I do about 5 loads of washing, change all the bedding and get down to the faded manky old pegs at the bottom of the basket, it's requires a bit of planning!

Warned you, OCD!

Secondly, flip flops!!

I only own one pair of proper shoes; OK they are yellow and don't go with everything, and I wear boots all winter, but the moment the temperature hits double figures I'm in flip flops!  I don't know how many pairs I have; there's a box in the wardrobe with at least 4 pairs of Havaianas, some Reefs and a couple of Accessorise sparklies.

But I also have a holdall crammed full, and some in the loft.  I have a pair for every occasion!

I wore flip flops for the Evening Reception after our wedding, and will probably be buried in them too!

Oh, and to go with the flip flops, I have equal amounts of nail varnish for my tootsies...

So c'mon, your turn to share!


  1. Ha! I used to do the matching pegs thing, too! Course, these days it's normally a mad rush to get it on the line before I leave for work so I have learned to live with the chaos of mis-matched ones. And that is a hella load of flip flops!! My trainer fetish wasn't that bad, even at it's worst. I'll need to give my own obsession some thought...

  2. Hilarious! I do the matching peg thing too! Maybe it's common among quilters! I also can't stand a packet/jar of food being opened before the old one is completely finished/empty - drives my 4 nuts! Jxo

  3. Wow. Seek therapy immediately.

    Maybe in the form of more shoe shopping!

  4. I SOOO share your "flop" obsession!! That's too funny!! And as someone who sorts her fruit snacks by color before eating them I can say with complete authority: There's absolutely nothing wrong with matching up your clothespins! (to admit otherwise would be to suggest there's a problem with me too!)

  5. Funny, Funny! I have five pairs of flip flops but you completely beat me with your zillion pairs! Even clothes pegs- well that's another matter x

  6. Okay, here goes.......I have a cake plate obsession. I have about 20 cake plates. But they're all so pretty! And they go with different types of cakes! You can't put a pink cake on a red cake plate, right?

  7. Ha ha!, Ditto on the flip-flops, three pairs of Havaianas, plus about 20 other pairs, and dusty feet with funny tan-lines :)

    The peg thing however, thats just weird :)

  8. so funny!! I love flip flops too although I do not have as many pairs as you do...I'm jealous!

  9. Pegs matching? would it be easier to get wooden ones..... ha ha! mine brooches and headwear! I do like a flip flop.
    What do you called a frenchman in sanddals? (say in french accent) phil eeep phil opp! Joke of the day. xx

  10. My pegs are all the same colour! That is a seriously scary amount of flip flops. Thanks for sharing!

  11. My husband shares the peg thing (he is very well trained)
    I don't give a stuff what colour I use.

  12. You nutter! However, I have one less pair of shoes than you! Loads of boots for the winter, but I don't like the toe bit on flip flops, but that's not a problem as from April to October I'm pretty much in bare feet, just wearing slip-ons for work

  13. I can beat you on the nail varnish count. I think it should be made illegal to show your toe nails and not have them polished. :-)


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