Thursday, 2 June 2011

Half Term... part 1

I've actually had a productive couple of days, being that it's half-term an' all, but not a lot to show you just yet!

I discovered a fantastic tutorial and made a couple of 'gifts' which will remain under wraps for now, but I promise to show and tell soon. 

I've made significant progress on the hideous Boutique quilt, thanks to a virtual kick up the bum by Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts; but a combination of burgundy-fleece-fluff and pig-farm-smell meant my outdoor binding mission was put on hold yesterday...

... and I've pieced the Union Jack backing.

I've also re-sealed the bath with white gunk, and registered us all with the local doctor and dentist.   Tick, tick, tick.

So for today, a couple of snaps to keep you going...

The fantastic wall in the bathroom of the local bookshop/tearoom...

... a pile of library books I took out for inspiration...

...'Fez's are cool', and £2 from the antique shop...

... the cool dude on the beach...

... and the big blue sky full of looping-the-loop bi-planes... oh, OK, just the one!

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are...


  1. The 'pig farm smell' comment was very evocative - and funny. We only get the many flies that like to hang around sheep and cattle. Oh and that endless mournful moo-ing when they separate mum from calf that goes on loudly all bloody night!

  2. Was that a tardis I spotted????????

  3. Is one of the secret gifts for me?????? Like the look of your Boutique quilt, pig smell an all! Jxo

  4. Would it be rude to ask what it is that you intend doing with the Fez?!

  5. Thanks for the shout out Hadley! :) Love the sunny day pictures. Hope you are having a good one!

  6. Susan tells us about brownies and such and its like you can smell it in your head. You give us "pig farm"... ??? Fez + Tardis = oh soooo cool :-)


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