Sunday, 12 June 2011

All rise for another tick...

Now, despite deep reservations at about 9.30pm last night that I would get it finished, I did manage to get the binding fully attached before an albeit quite late bedtime, and with the early risers waking me at some ungodly hour, the Union Quilt was washed and tumbled all before 8am...

I am really pleased with it and hope my Dad will be too.  Unfortunately he won't get it until the weekend after Father's Day, as next weekend is the final of the Open Studios, but I'll pop a card in the post and keep the surprise until we see him.

So I have a tick for...
Make my Dad the Union Jack quilt I have been promising my Mum I'll make for him.

On the Open Studio front, things have been going really well, plenty of visitors, selling lots of stained glass, prints and cards, so he's a happy man.

I, on the other hand, am a poor customer.  I thought I had money to play with, but the Sussex Guild show was really disappointing.

Don't get me wrong, having waded across the wild, wet and windy gardens to the marquee, I was confronted with a lot of beautiful things, but the average price tag for a simple pair of silver earrings was over £100; there love at first sight for a glass beaded necklace, however at over £400 my premium bonds will have to do a little better!

I chatted to some of the sellers, Liz Moys who makes great silk-sewn pictures, and whose daughter works for Orla Keily, got the sum total of my spending, £1 on two postcards!

The only quilt stall was not entirely to my taste, a lot of pale Liberty prints, silk and cushions, but the lady seemed to be busy with the 'old fashioned brigade'.

I probably spent more time in the tiny Parham House gift shop, and I bought some cute note cards of Victoriene Parsons Mitchell's Crazy Quilt, just to go home with something a little more substantial!

Well it hasn't stopped raining here all day; so we had another 'cinema' session this afternoon with MegaMind, I fell asleep; and now I'm off to make some little felt creatures... hope you've had a good one x


  1. Horrible weather for 'your day off'. AH well, at least you got a nap! The quilt looks wonderful. I think I need to add a tumble dryer to my list of 'wants'. Lord knows where on earth I could put it and if I could ever convince John that I wanted it to be able to get the proper crinkle look but suppose it is worth a try!

  2. I was given those notecards when it was my birthday - they're fun!

    They have a big craft fair near to me called 'Art in Action' it's expensive to go in and there are lots of amazing things. However, normal people can only really shop in the marquee they call "The Market". But at least in there you can treat yourself to a pair of earrings without taking out a mortgage!

  3. Well done on another finished quilt!
    Was all set to watch the tennis final from Queens but rained off!Stayed dry here until teatime but well wet now - flaming June!!

  4. Yay! Another one off the list, it looks great :-) I hate when you want to buy something and can't find anything!

  5. It looks lovely Hadley! I am sure he will love it- how could he not? Well done.

  6. Love the Union Jack! I'm sure your Dad will love it! It may have rained all day, but that little restrain on the purse will come in handy the next time you see something that is a must have and you don't have to feel guilty about it :)

  7. Dad's quilt is lovely, and I'm really pleased the open studio thing s going well. What a shame about the show, especially in the rain! I'm going to Sandown next Sunday, at least that's indoors and will have lots of yummy fabrics and buttons and notions and ....... :-)

  8. Jack is stunning! Well done, I'm sure your dad will love it, and more importantly, appreciate the work and effort you put into it. Bring on the sun! Jxo

  9. Help ma boab, you are unstoppable are you not?!?! That is a cracking quilt - the colours really do make it masculine while still being not-blokey. YouknowwhatImean, right? Very inspiring. Smartarse. *g*

  10. Dads quilt rocks! Shame your day out was a bit of a washout tho. Least you've got a cinema to hide out in!

  11. That is a wonderful quilt for your dad! And I love those postcards!


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