Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Weekend so far...

I've got the binding attached to the Union Quilt, and I am looking forward to sitting in front of the TV this evening and finishing it off.  If I get it done quickly I may even wash and tumble it before bed; yeah right!

In other news, I am now at liberty to show you the card I sent Fiona, but not her June Bee blocks (those pesky rules!).  The idea featured in Handmade Living, and I think it turned out pretty cute...

We've had tears and tantrums over ballet rehearsals although once I arrived, minus one twin (I left home with only one, before you ask!),  I had a lot of interest from a 'bored ballet brother' about a little toy I was stuffing whilst peering through the door at the ballerinas.  I think that'll be my first commission (non-paying, obviously) as he was so sweet, asking about the 'cotton wool' and how it all works and desperate for one!  More on that soon.

Tomorrow I am off 'round the corner' to see the Sussex Guild's Contemporary Craft Show at Parham House.  It promises 'Textiles and shopping', and there's a picture of a pretty dresden plate in the leaflet, so I'm just a tad excited!

Louise Bell's Big Red Tree
I'll be going it alone tomorrow, for my sanity, but will be back there again for the Sussex Game & Country Fair en masse next weekend.  Benta (slikstitiches) and I have already pencilled in a date there on September 4th for the 'Stitches In Time' exhibition - if any of you local types fancies joining us, you'll be more than welcome.

I will report back on my findings tomorrow.


  1. Time alone tomorrow. Oooooo! How exciting. Lucky duck! I shall use up two hours of my day just ferrying them back and forth to the five hour rehearsal. Hope you enjoy yourself.

  2. All these lovely interesting days out... sounds great! Have fun and enjoy the promise of shopping on my behalf!

  3. Not so much pencilled in as permanently tattooed in!!!

  4. Loving the grey binding! And that wee card is soooo cute! Have fun tomorrow (or is that today!). Jxo


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