Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sew much to do!

I have just about recovered from yesterday's walking, walking, pointing, chasing, walking and pointing some more!

Last night I made cards and packaged up my parcels for Fiona's Bee Blocks and the Pink charms for the Rainbow Swap, and got them both in the post today, so keep 'em peeled ladies!  I took photos and will let you see, when the recipients have received their goodies.

I now need to re-evaluate my list of priorities, I need to make and attach a label for my swap partner including coming to a final decision on the name for the skull.  I also want to get my Dad's Union quilt finished this weekend.  Then I need to sort a big something for hubby as a Father's Day gift too.   There are many more things floating round my head, so I really need to concentrate!

This afternoon I made a little 'extra' for my Swap partner, but I really can't show you, as I might as well just type out her name, as it would be so obvious!!  I am not sure if it is super-cute, or super-ugly!  I will send it to you anyway dear partner, but a trip to the shops may be in order to compensate!

Most pressingly is the washing of the skull - am I meant to?  I am a bit nervous (again), but reckon a couple of colour catchers and a cool wash shouldn't do him any harm.  Wash or not, spray basted and unwashed cotton batting... a big dilemma, or am I just being a lazy, scared-y-cat?

Well not wanting this to remain a picture-free zone, here's one for the road...  

Don't forget Open Studios again this weekend...


  1. Oh no! Wash our mini quilts?!? I'm not - it might disintegrate before my eyes, the birds might fall off, who knows. Never having done this machine raw esge applique before I am not putting it near a washing machine. Tell me how it goes for you.

  2. I'm not washing mine either. I think mine would be ok to wash but I remember when this has come up in the doll quilt swaps most people specified they didn't like their mini quilts washed. At least that's the bit I picked up on as an excuse not to wash mine in case something did go wrong ;-)

  3. Wash it? Dear God please say we dont have to... I know I'm a big advocate of colour catchers but this time I'd be worried. (for mine not yours). Must go get on with mine...

  4. I'm a no washer too (regarding quilts that is! I did have a shower today, honest!). Your stained glass pic reminds me of stained glass patchwork which I did in college and have been wanting to do again. Maybe I'll use your pic as inspiration (& the boot up the preverbial to stop dithering and get on with it!) Jxo

  5. I'm not washing my mini either - I think some people prefer the more crisp and flat look, especially if they are going to hang it on the wall. If they prefer the more wrinkled look then they can always wash it themselves! I think Jan is right that this has come up several times in other swaps and the consensus seems to be that it's ok not to wash!

  6. I wash my baby quilts, but thats really because I'm not sure basting spray and babies mix well! I handwash them though, it feels safer!


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