Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Back in the old routine...

Having spent half term, and the last couple of days, (yep, good old inset day), keeping the family happy with a trip to Legoland on Sunday and a full-on home-cinema afternoon yesterday watching Gnomio & Juliette, with binds and curtains closed and lots of popcorn, today was back to work, nursery and school.  Boo!

But it wasn't all fun fun fun over the long weekend, I did have some time to get down to 'business' and managed to quilt the skull...

If all goes to plan, I am hoping to do the binding tonight - thank you for all the helpful, (or otherwise), suggestions, I will show you the outcome tomorrow.

I've also made my June Bee Blocks for Fiona already!!  I just have the siggy block to make, then they can be popped in the post along with my parcel of pink Rainbow Swap charm squares. 

Remember all the little change trays I've made from the Sew Hip/Jojoebi design, well how chuffed am I to have many of them show up on Jo, the designer's blog today! She is such a talented designer, it's a privilege to be included.

Tomorrow I am off to Drusillas with the girls and nursery, and hubby gets to go to the Bluebell Railway with a lot of 6 year olds!  It's a hard life!


  1. The skull came out just perfect! I really like the little change trays, too!

  2. That skull is anything but 'routine'. And I would rather be with you and the nursery children than the six year olds.

  3. My skull is coming along nicely ;-) i wish! And as for tomorrow, MONKEYS! I'm jealous. Looks awesome.

  4. Baldie Bob is looking hansomer and hansomer! I think I might be falling in love! Jxo

  5. Have fun at Drusillas, if your lot are anything like ours, it's a case of running past all the animals to get to the play area as quick as possible :)

  6. Love the skull.

    Ah Drusillas, it's been going since I was a kid (many many many years ago). I live nowhere near now, but the name conjours fond memories!

  7. Well done for being included in the blog! Good for you, sorry haven't been dropping in lately have been busy NOT looking at the internet! Have a good day tomorrow!



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