Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Anyone for fabric???

Not a lot of making going on... but I have a lot of fabric news!

I have signed up and already paid for the fabric for another swap!  If you are quick, live in the UK or Ireland, then get yourself over to Fluffy Sheep Quilting, as lovely Cindy is organising a Japanese Import swap.  I signed up and immediately got onto Jojoebi's Etsy shop and bought this straight from Japan...

I suppose I could have bought some fabric that had already been imported, but I've needed an excuse to get my hands on this, albeit briefly before chopping and sharing, so I simply couldn't resist!

I also came up trumps at a charity shop after work today, a pair of lovely pillow cases, and also a huge double sheet and tapestry/cross-stitch frame all for £5...

If you look closely, the pattern for the half-finished cross-stitch declares it comes up four times the size in the picture, like that's a good thing!!

How about a couple of giveaways which I am, once again, probably not destined to win!  Jo at A Life in Lists is giving away some of her beautiful prized Liberty prints to celebrate 2 years of blogging...

...and fellow Chichester lovelies at The Eternal Maker are giving us mortals the chance to be one of the first to get a layer cake or jelly roll of Cape Ann by Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S

How gorgeous does this line look - this has gone straight on my 'want' list!

Happy Fabric Everyone x


  1. I cannot believe you have ordered your Japanese fabric already. How very organised. Are you sure that was all you ordered? I wouldn't have that kind of self control.

  2. Thank you for your kindness! I am so glad you joined in our Japanese fabric swap. This is going to be a great time!

  3. i do love a little bit of japanese fabric (or alot) ! x

  4. You are trouble missus... Now need to educate myself on japanese fabric as the two bits I've got arent at all like anything I've seen on blogs... Might just have to find and order more..

  5. I love the vintage pillow cases - I dontvseem to find that sort of thing in Slough or Staines, I wonder why not?

  6. Jealous of your charity shop finds! Those pillow cases are fantastic!


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