Friday 1 July 2011

Jubulant June!

Linking up with Lily's Quilts on the 1st of the month is pretty satisfying.  I have taken to looking back over the whole month, and it is cool to see that although I didn't feel like I got masses done, I did actually have a few, long awaited, finishes.

My Dad's Union quilt for Father's Day was as well received as I had hoped...

... and hubby's Father's Day pressies were just as appreciated...

I completed my Brit Quilt Swap skull, finally naming it the 'Resurrection Tea Party'...

...and my partner loves it!  I was so excited and relieved, even the postmen were in on the fun and instead of taking at least 2 days to get to her, my parcel arrived within 24 hours!  Until she calms down and lets the world know, I'm keeping schtum about the recipient!  So check back over the weekend and we will both have revealed all!!

I got to sew quite a few 'secrets' this month, which are starting to arrive...here's a glimpse...

... and I also made a block for the partnership quilts of next year's Tokyo Quilt Festival...

... read more over at Ayumi's blog about this great cause.

Also in June my Dad held 3 successful Open studio weekends, and I had a birthday!  Look at my new baby…

... and these long awaited books...

I am hoping for great things; a bad workwoman can no longer blame her tools!

A heads up, whilst I have a captive audience, I'll be celebrating my first year of blogging in a few weeks, so I am planning a little something, or perhaps a big something… I haven’t quite decided yet!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you had a great June too x


  1. Great month with some wonderful finishes. I am so disorganised here that I just recycled an old post through at the linky party. How bad am I?

  2. Wow! You did have a productive month!

  3. Oh yay so much good news and your quilt has arrived???!!! email me back and tell me who got it - haven't sent mine yet

  4. I'd say you had quite an awesome month!! And now you're going
    to be out of control with your new machine!! Congrats on approaching your 1-yr blogoversary (sp?)!

  5. You've had a busy month! I loved you bday post, major green eyed monster!

  6. I'd say you've packed quite a bit into this month! I'm quite jealous of that machine and that little Farmer's book ;)

  7. Way to go! And now on to Farmer's Wife blocks? I'm having fun - a hint: make sure you take a scant quarter inch seam or your blocks will be too small (at least in my experience so far). And check out all the tips on Flickr going back and forth.

  8. Another month stuffed with great work x Resurrection Tea Party Rocks :-) lol

  9. What a great month! I don't have nearly as many finishes...I'm running to my sewing machine right now...

  10. Wow, congrats on that month of achievement! I'm feeling a bit inadequate, myself. I will definitely back for the BIG something!

  11. Fabaroony month, kudos to you lady! Love that apple mug rug, somehow I missed that along the way, must do one of those for my hubbie too!

  12. Ooo lots done this month! Great finishes!


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