Saturday, 4 June 2011

First tick of the month...

Earlier in the week, I was guilted into getting the Boutique quilt finished!

I still don't really like it.  The colours are all a bit 'wrong' to my eye, although I like the biggest, boldest, tricked-me-into-buying-the-layer cake top print, the rest just feel too wishy-washy!  Apologies to any Boutique-lovers, this is just not the one for me.

I found an unused burgundy fleece during my antique shop, fez-buying spree, and with some navy binding decided to get it finished.  Fluff, air pollution and then sitting in tropical temperatures under a blanket in a bikini, (to the amusement, no doubt, of the gliders circling overhead!) I finally got it bound and finished.

It doesn't look half so bad in the photos!

To Do List entry:
Finish the Boutique quilt, even though I don't like it, then let the kids have it for the garden and not get moody when it gets dirty by keeping in mind that I don't like it!!   Tick.

Now that's done, I've got many more things I'd really love to get on with; happy days.


  1. Yay, you ate the fog (I think it was Mark Twain .. If you eat a frog for breakfast the day can only get better. So anything I don't wantbto do is referred to as a frog!) now you can have fun, it looks like the kids are already.

    (I'm a tini bit jealous that you can wear a bikini, I usually blame two pregnancies, but you've scotched that excuse!)

  2. Great picture you paint of you in a bikini finishing the quilt off. I think it looks lovely but know what you mean about not liking fabric after you buy it. I have lots of that from my early quilting days - stuff bought as a fat quarter bundle and most of it still sitting there with me looking at thinking what the hell am I going to do with all those wishy washy boring big flowered fabrics. Some day I should make a massive quilt with them and just give it to someone who will then have to act all appreciative - at least while I am still there.

  3. I agree, its great to get it 'ticked' off, even if you don't like! I'm working on one at the moment that I am not emotionally attached to- just glad to have it on the finished list! Then, as you say, you can have some serious fun!

  4. 10/10 for finishing and it looks like it'll be used so that is a bonis - you reminded me of a fat 1/4 bundle from many yrs back, they were packaged in a way which hid the skanky ones from view.......it's all a learning process tho isn't it/

  5. Well done for being a finisher - especially more difficult when you don't like what you're making. But I like it & looks like it will get lots of use in the garden. Jxo

  6. Well done! It is a beautiful and interesting garden/picnic quilt! I bet you like it better after a few washings, it sure looks good on the grass.

  7. It looks good to me!
    I had to laugh at my first thoughts of your title. In the states in the south, a tick is a dreaded little bug that bites into your skin and sucks your blood. If we walk in the woods, we have to check for ticks afterwards! (I know....it was lost in translation!)I did remember that a tick is what we call a "check mark". Right?

  8. Finishing something you dont like... Well done, that's not easy! But it does look nice in the photos though, so it cant be that bad :-) And quilting in a bikini? You rock star! I'm shivering, I've got to go put a jumper on for godsake. Snot fair! x

  9. Knowing you will have all on your to do list done by tonight! xx


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