Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Cheap Thrills!

Apart from the 3 long, cold hours spent on Mum-taxi duty, my day off was rather productive.

As mentioned yesterday, I have started on a scarf-looming mission.  A charity shop find of a mega-loom on Saturday morning and some very cheap but pretty acrylic to experiment with, meant by the time I went to bed on Saturday I had finished my first…

Sunday I finished another for one of the girls, started on a smaller loom at Christmas, lessons learnt, wool slackened and job done, albeit a technicolour eyesore, I will spare you!

Monday I went shopping for more wool, (some actual wool!), following requests, and I made a super chunky one for my lovely husband - I will get a snap of him in it at some point.  Last night I started another for t'other girlie, finished this morning, and then this afternoon, I cast on one for dear son which I duly finished whilst he was a Scouts.

I am loving the instant gratification, the comfy sofa-dwelling and cozy outcome!  I have another to make for original twinny in the prettier pink and then another for myself in some proper alpaca mix which I am pretty excited about.

Who knew I could knit!?  So the weather is set to be milder by the weekend, dammit, but I am sure they will still get lots of wear, and yes, we will be that scarf family!

I also pieced the backing for my Brit Bee Medallion today, and made a change to my centre block to try and balance out the colour of the middle section which has been bugging me, causing me those anxious palpitations of not wanting to face it or get it finished.

Crazy business, but I am happier now with my Liberty star, and am looking forward to getting this quilt basted and ready for hand quilting along with My Small World, (well, once the knitting phase has passed!).


  1. Gosh so much to say here . Well done on the knitting front . And you're so fast ! Scarves for the family in a weekend . (I bought ice pop on things for the daughter shoes after she fell, and the ice went away) And I love the liberty star but then you know I love all things liberty

  2. Loving your knitting. I am not sure I'd seen the loom thingies before. I've been learning the old fashion way with needles. Loving that Liberty star too

  3. Your cowl looks amazing and it sounds as though you're going to be tied to that loom for a while to come! I love the change you've made to the centre of your BB medallion - well worth the faff!

  4. This looks great! I can not knit I've tried working the two needles and just can't get the hang of it. I have often looked at these looms and have wondered if they work and how easy or hard it would be to keep the yarn on the little pegs as you are working can you give any tips or advise before I purchase one? thank you love your blog! mburnette912@bellsouth.net

  5. I'm so impressed with the loom knitting. I can't do the "two sticks" thing either! I've been offered a vintage manual "automatic" knitting machine, complete with instructions - wish I had the space - oh and the time!!!

  6. That cowl is great, I've never seen one of those looms before, will have to look out for one :)

  7. I could never knit the american way and finally figured it out when I was an exchange student to Finland. We have the circular looms here, I'm thinking the rectangular one fits better in your lap for tv knitting. Might see if I can find one.
    Good job unpicking. If I was ever daff enough to pony up for a quilt bee or exchange, I would have probably thrown it into a corner and turned my back on it. Looks lovely now.


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