Tuesday 12 January 2016


This weekend I fulfilled my January Bee commitments.  I like that feeling of being up to date.

Firstly I made the next instalment of this year's Brit Bee quilt.  In December/January we were/are all making the block designed by Jo, and I was making for the lovely Jude.

This was a challenge of a block as you can see!  It, as with all the Brit Bee blocks, measures up at 15(.5)" x 30(.5)", and thankfully mine worked out that way.

As an aside, I have one of those appliqué flowers sitting awaiting completion for my My Small World, which has been sat neglected next to the sofa all Christmas; however I got all 6 of these stitched on Saturday afternoon!  I will finally get mine sewn tomorrow, that's my plan!

The brain-ache block finished, I set to Susan's blocks for Stitch Tease.  More of a challenge in the fabric pulling department, jewel-toned, tone-on-tone, no white, wonky log cabins with a navy 'log' in each block.  I think I managed it…

So that's me up to date with everyone.

Tomorrow, (daytime), I am going to shut myself off from the stresses of school re-organisation, work relocation and all the stuff and nonsense that has begun to fill my days, and try to crack on with some of my WIP sewing.  I'll hopefully get everything into some order to write a FAL post to keep me on track, (ahem).

Tomorrow evening I will back on the campaign trail, a meeting at dear son's school with the Council which has the makings of being rather lively!  So don't wait up xxx


  1. so your still amazing. Lovely time has been spent admiring your work. Hope the meeting is fun!!!! x

  2. Gorgeous blocks! Hope the council realise the error of their ways and do a u turn! (I believe the present government could show them how to do that...)

  3. I love it! Thank you! Have a productive day tomorrow! Jxo

  4. This is an amazing block, so much work for one block!! Rather gorgeous colours too. x

  5. those are BIG blocks to sew. The whole school thing sounds very stressful. Hope it all gets sorted out

  6. Hope you get the council to see things your way

  7. Those Brit bee quilts are sure to be amazing.


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