Tuesday 15 March 2016

Eat, sleep, work, repeat...

Not a lot of time for the finer things in life, and when there is, then not a lot of time for blogging!  Gah!

Behind the scenes I am slowly stitching my #handpiecedminiswap2 Mrs Bannister's Stars, and today I decided what to make for my #bigstitchswap2 partner, so that's all good...

I have a Brit Bee block to contemplate, that may be on the agenda for tomorrow, or I may just settle for hand-stitching on the sofa, recharging the batteries in front of a dodgy film or two, that does sound rather appealing.

What I definitely have to get on with, in a consultant capacity, is making a couple of cushions with the girls. Their half-termly project is Space, so to accompany futuristic trips through the galaxy, what better than a bit of old-fashioned Earth comfort, complete with informative label to meet that side of the homework deal...

Oh and I also made a cyclops eye for dear son's drama class...

Fun fun fun xxx


  1. I bet you are the envy of all the other mums with your creative contributions! Have a relaxing day tomorrow! You've earned it. Jxo

  2. It sounds like you are doing well, if one can make a cyclops eye, what more is there to do.

  3. We all need a cyclops eye occasionally.

  4. I'm about worried about the bondaweb letters, won't they end up mirror images? It's the sort of thing I do!!!

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing those cushions!


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