Monday, 29 June 2015

Where did the time go!?

Anyone with Ballamory-aged offspring will know my state of mind!

So back to Wednesday; spots of the non-blanching kind, two trips to the doctors, yes you power-crazed receptionist, I DO think my daughter needs to see the doctor!  All OK though, phew.

Thursday; parent's induction evening at son's middle school as of September, so much information to try and retain; going on the theory that if it isn't on the website, it isn't worth knowing!

Friday - my birthday!  Pressies, cake, shopping and time with my true love; more time than we had hoped for in a new John Lewis/Waitrose cafe, but we ended up with a free lunch, so no hard feelings!

Saturday, back up to my parent's, a side trip to IKEA, a mile of Nummer and about £50 of 'stuff' we never knew we needed.

Sunday, kids' homework and a little bit of secret making…

After work today I was at the school swimming gala, tomorrow is the joy of Sport's Day, so that's my morning, at least.

Wednesday dear son is off for his induction day and on to a friend's for tea, and the girls get to play at being in Year 4.  I get to work.

Thursday there's a parent's evening about the KS2 Sex Ed video, cue lots of giggling, and that's just the mums and on Friday we have an Inset Day.

Unfortunately the momentum does not slow from then on, but that's more than enough sharing for now!

So if I go stealth again, you pretty much know the where, when and why xxx


  1. I love reading your posts, even the everyday things are so entertaining the way you describe them. Being an American, I don't always know just what you are talking about but the stories make me giggle just the same. Thanks for the smiles!

  2. It sort of stays at that pace until they leave home, after a while it seems normal.

  3. I agree with Lisa Marie in comment number 1. What is Ballamory? A TV show? And a mile of nummer? Hmm? I envy you the years of purpose and business. A couple of times I thought it was going to do me in, but usually so fun. And I do like that block a lot! I can't wait to see where it ends up. :)

  4. This time of year does get crazy doesn't it? Belated happy birthday! Glad that you managed to carve out a little sewing time (and I'm jealous that you got to Ikea - I'm running short of quilt backing too!).

  5. Busy, busy lady! The end of the summer term is always crazy. x

  6. Thank goodness the rash was nothing to worry about! So many viruses like to masquerade as the dreaded Meningitis. Always a relief when it's not! x

  7. cant believe how much that school asks of you!

  8. happy birthday, and lucky you to have a john lewis near you. The stupid planners in ni can't get their acts together and pass it through planning. We did eventually get our ikea, and hoping to fill up on nummer tomorrow

  9. Summer hols start soon - just fifteen more alarm clock mornings!

  10. Thank goodness the poorly bairn is okay!! Hope the video wasn't too toe-curling!


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