Monday, 8 June 2015

Getting caught up...

I hope you all had a lovely weekend; we had a kid-free couple of hours on Saturday, which is always good, and managed to have our first BBQ of the summer yesterday, woo hoo.

I cut another 96 hexes for another Amitié Mystery BOM border, each from a different fabric…

I am planning on saving the two hexie borders for my holibobs, to appliqué on if/when the mood takes me, but I will baste these at my leisure and look forward to finishing them off.

I also finished the book I have not been reading since about September!  I have about a dozen books piled up ready to read, and I am loving being able to lounge in the sun and see what is in front of my face, so happy!

This evening I made my Stitch Tease Bee blocks for Di.  These, from an Ashley - Film In The Fridge tute were super easy and nice to make; thanks Di!

I now have to just get the Inbox under control, well you can't have everything!


  1. I love it that hexies can be done whenever and are really quick so you can get a few done anytime. They are about all I am doing at the moment as I am way behind on an EPP quilt I started a long time ago.

  2. Hexies and holidays - perfect combination!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the hexies!
    P.S. Don't bother replying, it sounds like you've got enough to do!

  4. Thank you Hadley. I think I'm going to have a lovely quilt.


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