Thursday, 18 June 2015

It isn't all bad!

Today, my car decided to start flashing up all sorts of failure messages and warning lights, killing the radio and dashboard display; then having coaxed it all the way to the office car park, it died completely.  Splendid RAC man to the rescue, and an hour later I was back at work, in a courtesy car, that my work's security men laughed at, and come 4pm it was fixed, new alternator installed, and I will collect it on my way to work tomorrow, unfortunately with a bank balance £275 emptier.  Gah!!!

Still, I am looking on the bright side, it was sunny, I made it to work, didn't cause a 10 mile tailback at the side of the road, and it wasn't at the weekend, on the M25, with poor hubby and kids in tow.

Having to then pick up a post-swim sickly child, who had swallowed too much water, and get embroiled in a Facebook squabble has just about tipped me over the edge.

Fortunately I was able to pick up the ma-hoosive feather cushion insert for my Dad's present on my way home…

I consoled myself with a little chain-stitching of half-rectangle triangles, and making a pretty layout of maybe a giveaway prize for the not too distant future…

Tonight I will be putting last Thursday's relaxation exercises into practice for sure!


  1. Cars are such a pain!! Good to put it in perspective, my hubbie broke down with the three kids on the motorway on the way back from Glasgow - resulting in two recovery vehicles bringing them home. Not fun! The cushion looks plumply gorgeous and pretty cutting! Think spam comments are probably the very last thing you need though!!

  2. The cushion looks amazing. Sorry about your car, I have been waiting over 2 weeks already and another week to go before mine can be fixed as Nissan are out of parts, so I am using buses and going slowly mad. x

  3. Loving that cushion and poo to car expense.

  4. Ugh, it's awful when your car lets you down - thank goodness for the RAC (although I think I have to be more than 0.25 miles from home as I only have basic cover!) and quick fixes, it's just a pity that we have to pay for them! Love the cushion for your dad. Hope the bairn is better and the FB furore has died down...

  5. FB squabbles are the worst. I have learnt to not respond in an opinionated way, ever, to comments on FB! Love the cushion, and glad your car could be fixed quickly, despite the cost :-(

  6. Sorry to hear about your car troubles but that heart log cabin cushion is just stunning! And reading your earlier post might I suggest a thimble?! I love my Clover 'coin' thimble!


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