Friday, 28 March 2014

Siblings Together...

If you are a longtime follower of my bloggy space, you will know that I am a member of the Siblings Together Quilting Bee; April will be my month as Queen Bee.  But before all that, just a little backtracking for those who are not familiar with the wonderful cause.

Siblings Together Quilting Bee

Two years ago, Lynne highlighted a charity that helps re-unite siblings separated by the care system in the UK.  They run summer holiday camps where the brothers and sisters get to spend valuable time together. Lynne tells it all way better than me, and will guarantee you a few tears.  And so making quilts for these children, to give them something to take back home and remind them of their precious time together began.

Quilts for Siblings Together

Lynne's blogpost spurred on individual quilts, collaborative quilts, quilts from all over the globe, many of which converged on the first Fat Quarterly Retreat.

I made a quilt, a very pink quilt...

The Queen and her Jubilee shindig foiled a grand handover, but off went the quilts and the first recipients were presented with them later that summer.  And then this happened...

Tears? Oh yeah!

So in 2013, I made another one; this was made with some donated Tula strips from Amanda, and I handed it over, along with those from many many others, at FQR13...


I jumped at the chance of being in the awesome Bee, being able to make huge quilts with the kind support of our amazing sponsors...




And so now I am a self-proclaimed Quilt Ambassador!!!  I feel like I need a sweatshirt at least!

And here are next month's blocks...

Using a couple of fat quarters of Gina Martin's Sewing Box, I am asking my fellow Bees to make a pair of St Louis 16 patch blocks using Steffani's measurements and easy-peasy tutorial.

I made 8 blocks in a couple of hours; this will take the total up to 30 blocks for a 5 x 6 arrangement, and the bright colours of this collection are guaranteed to make a super fun quilt.

So that's where we are.  If you want to get involved too, by donating a whole quilt, contributing some blocks or maybe you just have some fabric which may be of use to others, then please check out the Siblings Together flickr group in the first instance, or give me a shout.

We can never do too much.  Thank you xxx


  1. Great post Hadley! I've not tried a St Louis 16 patch so that will be lots of fun to try! Have a great weekend x

  2. I've got my blocks lined up for this years quilt. Silly not to make one really.

  3. Such a brilliant bee! Love your colour scheme. Jxo

  4. Brilliant, looking forward to getting on with these blocks

  5. Well done to all of your churning quilts out for this :o)

  6. I'll be bringing a quilt, as you say, we can never do too much.

  7. Oh goody - better get a plan ready for next month too while I'm stitching your blocks then! That will be a whole year of quilts then....

  8. I guessed right! Lovely block for these pretties. I have a child free day on Monday, so will get these done then as husband is away x

  9. I've signed up to do a quilt , but I'm rubbish at the social side of it all, Flickr, bees, and all that ! Love your blocks though ! If you want a sweatshirt doing . . . Send me one that fits and I'll stitch the logo on for you!!!!

  10. Colours are beautiful in your St Louis 16 patch blocks. I think this charity is such a lovely cause and I love seeing the quilts you girls make for it.


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