Monday, 31 March 2014

A Day At The Museum...

We thought we would make the most of the Inset Day, avoid the Easter Holiday crowds, and go up to town; London Town.

Top of the list was the Science Museum.  We did far from all of it, but with plenty of experimenting and button pushing, everyone was happy...

I even spotted an awesome bag, and a textiles installation which kept my needs in check...

We got the bus, saw a few sights, popped into M&M World, which even the kids thought was a complete rip off after the chocolate scent had worn off; they bought their sweets at WHSmith for half the price!

Another bus taking in a glimpse of Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and Big Ben, and home in time for tea.

It's a school day tomorrow; I have my day off, due to a meeting on Wednesday, so I will get my Sizzix action then.  For now, I am putting my feet up.

See you in April xxx


  1. Seriously glad you didn't buy anything in M&M World. I was having heart palpitations when I saw the photo. Terri and I got ripped off in there to a huge amount! Stupid shop!!!

  2. A grand day out indeed! I love that layered sculpture thing in the science museum too! X

  3. What a fab day!! Very envious that you were in London, I was meant to be there all weekend, but it got cancelled at the very last minute as one of our lovely bee ladies had a nasty accident...long story! So glad you enjoyed. I'm taking a rain check and can't wait to enjoy the Big Smoke again soon. Sounds like I best avoid the M and M shop then!

  4. I love the science museum, but it always seem stiflingly hot there. Love a day in London

  5. Yay for inset days and short queues! Looks like you had a great day!

  6. Looks like great fun! I didn't even know there WAS an M&M world. Had I known, I'd be tempted to have a peek :) mmm.....

  7. Great fun. I love museums and wish my children were still young enough to enjoy this kind of thing.

  8. Looks like a great day out. But M & M World??? Whatever next?!

  9. Sounds like you all had a lovely day! I'm curious what you use your sizzix for; I just acquired one, but am looking for advice of what dies are good to get. Especially confused about the different hexagon sizes... do you cut paper hexagons (for EPP) with yours?


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