Wednesday, 26 March 2014

FAL freakout!

There's less that a week until April folks - FAL Q1 2014 is zooming up on us, which brings me two sets of angst.

Getting stuff finished, and then making sure I have something started to put on my Q2 list!  But we'll stick with the former for today.

I have two quilts left on my list, one of them is my Midnight At The Oasis, and that isn't going to be finished any time soon, but I am OK with that.

My Hadley quilt is another story.  The top was finished probably back in October, November time; I even cut the backing, but it has sat waiting for me to get the energy to even contemplate basting it, never-alone quilting it.  But today was the day.

Children safely dispatched to school; no strike action for me to re-organise my life around, thank goodness, and hubby left in bed poorly; I cracked on.

Binding was made, backing pieced and the whole thing basted, all in a couple of hours, then the quilting could begin...

I managed to use up a whole small spool of Aurifil, but before panic could set in, I found a super match in some old Gutermann, so I could get the quilting finished and binding on, all before I went back out to get the kids at 3pm...

The colours are a bit all over the place in those indoor photos, this outdoor shot is truer,

I have begun stitching down the binding already, but I feel like I am paying for my excess, so that's me done for the day.

Hopefully I will have this finished by the weekend - if the weather is fine I have a good photo op on Saturday, so that's my stitchy action sorted for the rest of the week xxx


  1. Trust you to get another finish in. Hope it wins you a prize.

  2. Isn't it fab when you get a great stretch of productiveness in one day? But do be careful and dinnae overdo it!

  3. You were steaming today! Careful you don't set yourself back. Quilt is looking good.

  4. Wow, basted, quilted and half bound in between kid runs is pretty amazing and it is going to be a lovely quilt too.

  5. You really powered through that Hadley, just goes to show how an impending deadline can really kick our asses into gear :)

  6. That was a work out for sure! Looks brilliant! Jxo

  7. I've hit the same panic, Hadley! I think I'm safe to say that I'll have a long enough Q2 list with those things I didn't finish in Q1 :(
    You're super speedy, missus, getting that layered and quilted while the kiddos were out.

  8. You put the rest of us to shame!!!! Looking forward to seeing it - the colours are beautiful x

  9. Oh well done, I hope Mr Flying Blind is better today. I'm going to see if I can get some of that last border print for a dress.

    BTW I'm totally starting things to have something to finish for next quarter too, that's exactly what I am doing, yeah.

  10. That quilt is looking fantastic! I don't know how you get so much done. I keep trying to do stuff and then I found the bag of repair work that my daughter handed me at the end of our last visit, that needs doing. So now I need to head on down stairs and crack on with it...she tells me she has found some more :{

  11. Go you, and glad you could sort the thread problem, it's what freaks me out about using those wee colourful spools every time!

  12. Damn woman, that's impressive! It looks great!


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