Tuesday, 22 March 2011


The revised templates for the QAL are all cut and I am having a dilemma.  I am going to wait for the freezer paper to cut my centrepiece, however I am not sure what to put in there, (anyone involved in any of the Flickr discussions is barred from commenting UNLESS it is to do with quilting!!).

I have narrowed it down to a choice of 3, bearing in mind I only had 7 layer cake slices to start with, and now I have none...

I could use a little Wild Thyme...

Or some of this, I forget what it is...

Or most probably I will go with the cream/white spot that I am using for the outer circle.  There will be some skinny sashing with the Dresden offcuts to break up the outer fabric. 

I am just a bit unsure how forgiving the lighter, less patterned fabric will be when I come to attaching it... I will definitely have to have the seam ripper ready when we get to that bit!


  1. I love these choices so much .. I like the wild thyme, but you have got anything turquoise-y in your stash?

  2. Promise I'll stick to the subject.
    I prefer the wild thyme - it doesn't stand out too much but complements the other colours
    See we can do it - with a little self control

  3. I liked the wild thyme, too. But any of them would be great!

  4. I liked Wild Thyme immediately but you're right, if you're using white around the outside it would work in the centre too.

  5. Thank you ladies - now pop back to Flickr and 'let it all hang out'!


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