Wednesday 16 March 2011

Decision made...finally!

I have officially started my first fully-fledged QAL with Lynne, and million others at Lily's Quilts.

For those unfamiliar; and in this small world of inter-twining 'bloglives' that's not going to be many of you, Lynne is leading what is already turning out to be, a mammoth and wonderful QAL. 

I was in, then out, then undecided, then this afternoon I figured, throw caution to the wind and give a one block mini-quilt a go.  The pace is going to be just right for me with my limited quilting prowess and 'oh-so-busy' (aka alternatively frantic then flat-out-exhausted) life!  I'm leaving the full 6 block masterpieces to far more skilled folk than myself.

So I found the right amount of remaining It's A Hoot to make up the Dresden plate (oooh get me and my terminology), cut some pieces, arranged and instantly decided against it - those slices had been left/avoided/ignored for a reason!

Then I remembered I had side-lined another batch with the cushion-making stash, and bingo, I think this is going to work!

So Lynne, Sarah, Shevvy and anyone else who's 'In', I'm with you, better late than never. 

For those who haven't seen or joined, we're only meant to be at the fabric-buying, pattern-cutting stage, so you'll catch up in zero time.


  1. Yay you're in!! and wow! what fab choices ... I like the first orange set too btw!!

    but the second set ..?? mmmm yum yum yum ... oh boy this is going to be such fun ... apart from the sewing circles terror, that is LOL

  2. I like both sets too!

    I'm joining this as my first QAL - exciting but daunting! I guess I'd better figure out how to put in my new ink cartridges so I can print the templates and catch up a bit :)

  3. I have to say I prefer the first one - but I have been know to paint rooms orange! Blues are too cold for me.
    I've only got around to selecting fabric and printing the templates.
    I'm fascinated by Lynnes hints on a flickr thread about how the plate gets joined to the background. Guess we will find out soon!

  4. The first set wasn't as nice as the photo looks unfortunately, but I salvaged the brown spots to use. And hey, I might be a natural Dresden plate maker and need to make more and more! Hmmm, me thinks not, I only 'do' straight lines!

  5. I looked both sets too! I'm looking forward to seeing whatbyoundo with them!

  6. I think both sets are beautiful. Just think you are 1/3 of the way to a full quilt...hehehe. I am in too. See you there.


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