Monday, 14 March 2011

Oh dodecahedrons!

One day I promise I will read instructions, think things through logically, follow said instructions and come out with the required result!  For now, my 'ball' is actually a greater-spotted dodecahedron!  It seems to have gone down a treat with my 3 youngest critics, so I'm happy with that!

I unpicked the wonky whipstitching, and whizzed round again (equally as wonky) with 3 strands of embroidery silk, but didn't really pay attention to the ridges I was creating.  Hence there was no slack to flatten out the seams when I was done.  Ho hum... live and learn!


  1. Ooh ... love it .. they're a bit addictive those dodecs! I've got a flickr set ... you might want to try the isocahedron next ... it uses triangles!! (it's in the geeky nerdy craft set) You'll find the template in my platonic solids set ... heh heh heh

  2. I think that is one cute ball and if I was 3 I would love to play with it.

  3. Ok, so they are decorative stitches, not invisible ones, LOL. I've cut out my card hexis, so I am getting there!!

  4. They look great to me...yes I have a problem with reading instructions too!
    Looks like you had a good day at the Ideal Home show...glad you were well enough to go!


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