Sunday, 10 July 2011

Summer Sewing Mid-term Results 2011

So today as promised I am linking up with Sarah at FairyFace Designs to show the results so far of the Summer Sewing project.

OK I know I wrote a big list back in May, but that meant the possibility of lots of ticks; well that was my logic!

1. Finish the Sherbet Pips Confetti quilt, and not let it just sit there for fear that my quilting will ruin it.  Success!

2. Finish my Scrappy quilt completely.  Double success including an Explore! on flickr.

3. Finish the Boutique quilt, even though I don't like it, then let the kids have it for the garden and not get moody when it gets dirty by keeping in mind that I don't like it!!  Gone down a treat!

4. Do something with the mass of batik that reminds me every time I look in my fabric box, that sometimes bad ideas happen to the best of us, (a long story)!  Cut and awaiting piecing in the Kaleidoscope quiltalong.

5. Keep up to date and do my total best with all the Brit Bee blocks.  All returned to sender on time.

6. Keep up to date and try not to cheat on the mystery quilt All done, I am regretting the choice of fabrics a little, (they look better than this photo implies) but it is a really excellent learning experience.

7. Make, and maybe send, at least one of my 'Pay It Forward' gifts... but I'm not telling.  All 3 completed!

8.  Make my Dad the Union Jack quilt I have been promising my Mum I'll make for him.  Delivered and loved x

9. Make my Mum something equally lovely for her birthday.  20 blocks ready for the D9P treatment.

10. Make the covers for the final 2 cushions I have been procrastinating about for too long.  Made so long ago we can now actually use them!

11. Cut and hem the 2 pocket squares I promised my husband last year - he bought 2 FQs that I can have the remainder of, IF I get on with it.  Job done.

12. Make a tray for dear son that incorporates a tiny Lego scrap he covets.  Who knew their were so many geeks on flickr!

13. Make a 'little something' for the girls, so that all my time spent at the sewing machine is not totally for other people.  I have not ticked this one off yet, but they haven't gone completely without.

14. Do a Swap - maybe not the first Brit Swap, as having looked at this list, I think perhaps I need to get a few other things ticked off first, but maybe in August?  OK, I signed up eventually and got my dream partner!  This is what I sent Sarah, based on a Boo Davis pattern, (Boo even commented on the picture on flickr), I was so happy I got to play.

I also joined a non-sewing tea towel swap, and sent this to my partner in NZ...

... plus 2 fabric charm swaps, here and here, and and I am in the Sewn Spaces Needlebook swap, which I MUST get on with!

15. Start the 'KISS'.  I made no promises on finishing it though - this will be coming on holiday with me.

16. Not buy any more fabric UNLESS I actually have a need, accurate requirements and time to complete another project, (hmm...may be the hardest!).  Now I thought I was up for a big fat fail, but having just gone back over all my purchases, only these had 'no purpose', and at only 4m in total, not as bad as I thought!

17. Try to expand my quilting skills by joining in with more sample blocks and experiments a la BLG and BlindBob.  The Mystery quiltalong pretty much fits the bill as I am learning loads and I have the Farmer's Wife champing at the bit, I just need to get a couple of 'deadlined' projects out of the way, then I'm off and will give myself the tick then!

18.  Master a few more embroidery stitches, especially French knots.  I have the nostrils down to a tee!

19.  Plan ahead for Christmas!  I've been thinking about it!

20. Design and make, and then repeat something I am proud of - not sure what yet, but a real long-term aspiration.  Again I have had thoughts but neither time nor confidence just yet!

So there you go - I am quite impressed with myself when you see it all together!  How you doin'?


  1. wow your swap pack for the tea towel swap looks gorgeous!!!

  2. My what a productive bod you've been. Loving the fabrics in your mums blocks. Be v.proud. Jxo

  3. Yay, very impressive! Proves it's good to make a list sometimes, if only to realize how many successes you've had ;)
    Shouldn't pick favourites, probably, but you know about my absolute love for your Scrappy quilt.

  4. Oh you are good! You put me to shame. You are a master list maker and ticker offer. I bow before your expertise. HeeHee! How on earth do you do it and still do all the other mother/wife stuff? I ran out of energy just reading the post.

  5. Wow Hadley what an amazing list and everything on it so gorgeous too! Definitely A++ for you :-) you get through so much in such a short space of time!

  6. ok - i am officially in awe of you. Not only have you done got so much done, but so well too and AND they are lovely to look at. xx

  7. Oh my goodness you're busy!! I echo Sarah's A++. Your Scrappy quilt (no 2) is my favorite - it's so bright and happy!

  8. Good grief, where do you find all that time: you must be in a different time dimension to me... well done on acheiving so much!

  9. Aaaargh! I'm gobsmacked. That's one hell of an impressive list, and everything on it is superb. Cant believe I was lucky enough to be your swap partner!

  10. WELL DONE! I am SO impressed! That list certainly worked for you! You have inspired me!

  11. OK let me sit down and catch my breathe here, wow and wow what amazing achievements and all gorgeous, personally I like the quilt the kids are on it's kinda bohemian. me like!

    Well done you!

  12. All that since May? May 2011?? Excuse me, I need to go and lie down, I'm exhausted just looking at it all! And it's all so beautiful too! My to-do list is the old blog, so I hope I haven't forgotten anything important!

  13. Wow, what an impressive list! Beautiful makes and lovely fabrics too.
    R x

  14. You have done brilliantly :-)

    I didn't make a list, mainly so I couldn't disappoint myself lol!

  15. I am impressed with you too! Gold star, top of the class etc! What an array of beautiful and inspiring creativity :)

    Me? Sacked! Dunce's corner :(

  16. I'd be overwhelmed with a list like that, that's why I don't make one! lol just little ones to focus on for a day or two! That's a huge achievement youve made and all so beautifult oo :)

  17. Uh, you should be impressed! You are doing great!

  18. I like a list........love ticks....well done you.

  19. Wow you've done well, lots of ticks!


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