Monday, 18 July 2011

It's raining again...

... and it is playing havoc with my quilting!

I managed to find a really lovely backing for my Mum's quilt at the local shop on Saturday, but as the quilt has outgrown my indoor space, and I really would prefer to spray baste this monster, I need a nice, dry, still day.  It's just not happening!

Having added the border, made from the last remnants of my Dad's Union Quilt, I am good to go when the sun re-appears!  And that better be soon or I am going to be in trouble, birthdays come whatever the weather.

So of course, what's a girl to do on a wild and windy evening, but browse fabric and dream of which lovelies to buy next.  Well it's a good job I got into Rainbow Swap 2 then!  This time Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts, has enrolled 56 fabric junkies to buy 2 yards, cutting and then receiving a whopping 112 x 5"charms back - I am completely addicted... and happy about it.

If you have popped over from Aneela's at Comfortstitching today, 'Hi!'  Take a look around, and maybe you would like to enter my first year blogiversary giveaway; you don't have to, but the offers there to you and everyone.

Now, I have a Mystery Block to create, then browsing to do; if anyone can switch off the rain, it would be much appreciated x


  1. I would LOVE to have been in that swap but missed out! Hope the rain stops soon so that you can get the monster basted...

  2. I missed out on Jennifer's swap too - but I'm sure someone will organise a UK one soon??

  3. I missed out on that swap too - how does everyone find out about all these things? I'm always late! Love the look of your border, hope you get some dry still weather soon!

  4. I've just spray basted Crazy Daughter Quilt indoors. My LQS said to do it over the ironing board, a section at a time and iron the fabric down onto the wadding (which you spray). It might be an option if it's still raining tomorrow! Jxo

  5. hope the weather dries up for you, it's stopped raining here! Go on then have some tzatziki!

    Looking forward to seeing in the hex a long! Fi

  6. i am doing an anti rain dance right now - then you can get started on the competion piece i AM going to win! xxx

  7. We have a roof over our patio, and it's as good as an extra room - you can bring your basting here if you want! I think I missed the Ellison Lane swap again, as I was confused about the stamped addressed envelope (it oesnt take much to confuse me, as you know LOL) maybe I'll get it together for round 17!!!!!

  8. I missed out on the swap too. Babies and Kittens were involved all weekend. Damn the small cute things.

  9. I almost missed your giveaway!? I am so out of touch. Aubrielle is so close to crawling. She has been quite a handful these last couple weeks. We're also trying to get out and socialize with other babies more. We've been busy!!

    I love your Mum's quilt. It's so pretty and just my style. I love yellow these days!

  10. I am so surprised/thrilled the swap is such a hit! :) So sorry there weren't more spaces available but my mailman can only carry so much!

    Thanks for the shout out Hadley. Sorry I can't find the tap to shut off the rain...


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