Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present...

... the full reveal of this little beauty...  Day-wear perhaps...

... and full-on Evening wear...

Isn't she a stunner?  She has the most textured hair ever, and likes nothing better than to hang around the loo!  If you hadn't guessed, she is indeed a toilet roll cover; so classy!

Now this pretty lady has arrived with her new Mummy Laura, I hope she is happy in her new home!

For me, today has involved the dentist, a temporary filling, and the full works to look forward to in September, oh joy!

So the day has included rather a lot of web browsing and other distraction techniques; I have entered giveaways for fantastic fabric bundles at It's All About The Fabric and Ellison Lane Quilts, filled in dear son's passport renewal application and my driving licence change of address online, sewn a bit more of my Mum's binding and paced back and forth, a lot!

Now I am in the midst of a headache from hell and would rather be tucked up on the sofa than getting ready for bed wars with the urchins.  Only day 2 of the holidays and I am shattered!


  1. Oh, poor you. Do what I do - tell them mummy is going to crack if they push it any further and let them understand that mummy having a full mental breakdown is not what they want to happen. Works for me. Then go into a quiet dark room and anesthetise yourself with trash telly.

    PS: I haven't seen one of those loo roll dolls in years and years!!!

  2. I love the toilet paper cover!! It is too sweet! What a great way to brighten up the "loo". I'm American, but I think I might start calling our bathrooms the loo. I like the sound. I hope your headache feels better soon and that putting the little ones too bed is just a short battle.

  3. Oh no, hope you feel better soon! Your loo roll cover made me laugh out loud - was not expecting that!!
    R x

  4. Lol! It's even better than I imagined :)

  5. You should've given her a name! Loolou, khazi Kate, bogroll bessie, porcelain pauline...
    Hope the head clears when the nippers kip. x

  6. I used to crochet toilet roll covers when I was young! Bring em back I say! Hope your head is better soon. Jxo

  7. Oh, dude, I hope the head/tooth sitch settles. Nothing worse! Love the dolly! (Cludgie Cath? Lavvy Lucy? Possibilites are endless!)

  8. Close the door on them and tell them to do what they like!
    I also sniggered at your potty creation :)
    Hope your head clears soon - everything except my head is aching from my feeble attempts at Zumba!

  9. I had that head yesterday so sympathise fully........that loopy loo lady - confirms my suspicions.........

  10. You poor thing, hope tomorrow is better for you. Off to check out those giveaways now :-)

  11. lol Loopy Loo Lady! I have my suspicions :) Hope the urchins behaved and the headache has now eased. (we did emergency dentist with an extraction today too!)

  12. oh my, a LouLou ha! well I knew it wasn't ever going to be a carrier bag holder for sure coming from you FB ;-)

  13. Sorryvto hear you are suffering from holiday-itus. Summer school for the kids? My mum in law still had the knitted loo roll cover she knitted in the 70s, not as, um, *something* as yours though (not sure "classy is THE word I was looking for!)

  14. Haha! Love all the names coming out. My mom calls me looby-lou, or sometimes just Lubes. Which is kinda embarassing in the middle of Asda.

    I'm calling her lolly-dolly-loo-roll. And she is the lord keeper of the great porcelain pedestal! Thank you again Had, you do make I laugh!

  15. Oh boy - I can't even imagine what it will be like trying to get more than one child in bed. And Aubrielle can't even walk yet. I don't even want to think about it. shhh

    That little TP cover is hilarious. Very classy. ;)


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