Friday, 29 July 2011

Mixed emotions!

Today I have been happy, sad and proud, mostly revolving around it being the girls' last day of nursery and the end of an era for the whole family.

The last pre-school breakfast!
We have been going there almost daily for the last 5 1/2 years; firstly just with dear son, then all 3, then just the girls.  We have lived in 3 houses, had big highs and horrible lows, endured changes at work, and mixed fortunes, but all with the security of nursery 'being there'.

The girls were stars, hugging and telling their favourite staff that they would miss them so much; I obviously had to start everyone off crying; but it's all good.  We moved house to get them all into a lovely village school, and soon they will all be there, and our plans will be fulfilled.

So whilst they played and dressed up this morning, poor son watched the final tweeks on the bionic woman rebuild for the week, new glasses...

When we got home....  woohoo!!  Parcels galore!

Japanese Fabric Swap...

August Brit Bee Package...

Sewn Spaces Needlecase Swap...

I didn't really know what to look at first! 

The charms are excellent and I can foresee the girls demanding many of them, but that's OK, I owe them!

Sarah's Brit Bee plans have been left wide open, but after last months' I can do anything!  ('ark at me, and my famous last words!); and so many goodies with the fabric, I'll do anything Sarah asks!  Look at her inspiration mosaic...

And my fantastic 'turquoise' needlecase from my mystery partner Blue Bellbird, with the most brilliant extras; that made me smile, a lot!  Some you will be crossing paths on the Sew Bee Blissful - small world!  I loved this case as soon as it was posted in the group pool, and for it to arrive here, chuffed to bits!

After all the emotion, I have managed to get Rhonda's prize almost finished - I just have to hand finish and I will get 'it' in the post to The Gap!


  1. Wow - what a shed load of goodies. Now very very grrrr that I didn`t do the Japanese fabric swap but i just couldn`t depend on getting fabrics in time to send. Humph. Also I think you had to be in the UK. Double grrr. Very cute needlecase and is that chocs in the background I see? All that and two blonde cuties and `I`ll see you now Miss Jones` glasses!

  2. oh wow! What lovely swag! Certainly a day of mixed emotions!

  3. lovely loot to soften the poignancy of the day ...

  4. I would have kissed the postman if I got all that! Isn't Sarah's bee packet fantastic. Think I am going to have put Canadian pancakes with maple syrup in my packets next month!! Sad day to say good bye to nursery but that'll be nothing to watching your girls start 'big' school in September. Bring tissues that day too. I almost grabbed Emily back and ran for it when it happened with us. Nice new glasses, by the way.

  5. What a haul! Good for you Hadley. And yeay for village schools, my primary school had 28 kids in TOTAL and it rocked, so this is a day to be excited about, I reckon.. :) x

  6. aww no wonder it was an emotional last day, glad I could be part of the cheer up :-) And yeah, I have every confidence you can do anything now!!

  7. What a lovely postie to bring you such lovely stuff, looking forward to see what he takes to Rhonda!

  8. ok, I'll try again (naughty blogger!) Wow! What a day! Definitely take tissues in September! I needed them, but that was 10 years ago now! (really that long - sulks) What a wonderful post day too! I can't wait for my Brit Bee package to arrive now!

  9. I love that needle case...very nice!! All these teasing pictures are building suspense and that is not fair!

  10. Aw the end of an era! Your girls are beautiful, don't they grow up fast! At least you had the consolation of postie goodies to smooth out some of those emotions. Enjoy your bundles! Jxo

  11. What a lovely haul of goodies :-) love that needlecase, its so pretty! And you must be so emotional. My little man is starting school this September too - can't believe he's old enough already!

  12. Aren't you a lucky girl! Your beautiful girls growing up and packages galore! It seems you're feeling better, too, thank goodness.

    Your needle case is fantastic! I love the idea of a little scissors ribbon tucked in there.

    Good luck guarding the Japanese charms from little hands. They're perfect for little ladies - some even sparkle!!!

  13. Aww, yes. I can imagine how bittersweet that was for you. Thrilled to see them growing up, but sad to see them growing up at the same time. I know how you feel.

    Beautiful packages! You lucky lady, you. :)

  14. Very sweet girls and I expect Nursery will be very sad to see them go too. Great packages as well. I scrolled down to see your Mum's quilt as I was away when you posted it....WOW...its fantastic well done!

  15. Wow! that's quite a haul you've got there :) Enjoy your site! Hang in there and have a good weekend.

  16. Just catching up......you have had a rollercoaster few days haven't you? Embrace the next stage and keep on quilting.


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