Friday, 22 July 2011

Looky looky look!

Look at this strange phenomenon!!

It seems like a long time since we last saw shadows!

The sunshine enabled the girls and I to quickly nip to town for new phones, for me and Daddy, not them...

This is just the box, unfortunately I am not in Barcelona!
... pop into the fabric shop for the right pink thread for my mum's binding, and get home and out in the garden to spray baste the birthday quilt.  All this before the last school run for 6 lovely weeks!  So I am pretty happy, and I am now off work until September too!

My lovely fabrics for the Rainbow Swap 2 were also waiting when we got home, so I can get on and cut my 112 charms this evening...

So it should be the beginning of good times round here - the mind is so willing, but the body is resisting; next week I already have the dentist, opticians and a physio session booked!

Thank you for all the guesses yesterday - one guess was quite close, but does not encompass the whole gory glory of the finished article!

For those not lucky enough to be embarking on the summer holidays, it's still the weekend, and you could still be the winner!  See you tomorrow, bright and early, maybe x


  1. No shadows here today!
    Great fabrics!

  2. We also had a lovely day today, after the nonstop rain yesterday! Have a good weekend H!

  3. New phones, fabric AND sunshine! What more could you want for?

  4. I think Susan summed it all up! We had sunshine here too! :) (and only a couple of feeble spots not the deluge predicted!) Happy Holdiays!

  5. Glad you got the rays you needed to baste :-) Hope you and the monkeys get lots lots more this summer - to keep them happy and outdoors so you can sew of course ;-)

  6. Glad you finally got some sun! You can keep it! With temps hitting 109F here today I'm wishing for some clouds!

  7. Yea for the sun! We've had more than our share around here, but I love it!

  8. We had grey skies visiting Portsmouth yesterday, but sunshine today, glad you got the basting done. Congrats on the phones, my other three loved their HTCs so much that I switched about a month ago, they are great! (husband says he hopes you got android, not windows, I don't translate, I just parrot, but he detests his windows operating system) . Wish I'd got onto the charm swap, how did you sort the pre paid stamps?


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