Saturday, 2 July 2011

Lots to tell...

... so much so, my head is hurting tonight with all that is knocking around in there!  In no logical order...

If you have been wondering where my Brit Quilt Swap went, please check out Sarah's blog post

I was so happy to get paired with my cyber-friend and fellow Brit Bee member.  I am ecstatic that she loves it so much - all my late night stalking really paid off!  Sarah has also recently been one of Rhonda's victims guests!  Have a listen to the Quilter In The Gap's latest podcast to hear all about her there.  And Sarah's swap quilt has gone to another friend Terri - yay Terri, you are so lucky!

I, on the other hand am still waiting to receive mine.  The posty knocked early today, and although it was for me, a huge bundle of wadding I'd order from Mandy at Simply Solids, plus a cool bonus Patty Young FQ, I will have to try to wait patiently until at least after work on Monday.

Last night I did cut up the fabric for my Mum's birthday quilt.  After a so-so practice attempt at a kaleidoscope block...

... I've decided to go simpler; firstly the waste/scrap creation from the LC and charm pack was going to be a little distressing, then my piecing of the centre point kind of left a lot to be desired, and with potentially 49 blocks I couldn't face it, and I need to make a big quilt in a short space of time.

So I took over the lounge floor and it will probably come out a little like this, but then again it might not!  I am having second, or is that third thoughts already!

The reason for my current headache I will lay firmly at the door of today's 40 odd mile round trip for Twin2's ballet show.  (Twin1 gave up after a few weeks, she is very bolshy, and perhaps wise for a 4 year old!)  Anyway, the family took the trip to Haselmere and watched little one point her toes for the first 5 minutes of a 2 hour show, and then sat watching the other girls, mainly aged about 14 doing their thing, and they were all really good. 
I have to do it all again tomorrow, although I can whisk her away after the first dance - we have to be there one and a half hours before the show, and she'll be off stage after 5 minutes... I have no energy to rant about this one, but she is so pleased with herself, and I had a lovely proud mummy moment, so I will sleep happy.

I also got some smashing 'winning' news earlier which I will save until tomorrow to share :)

Now, I just need to go get rid of this headache, nighty night.


  1. Good toes; naughty toes! That's what I remember from their first ballet lessons. Shows are a pain - but so pride inducing at the same time you don't know whether to love them or hate them. Hope your headache clears. I'll have one tomorrow. I am full of pink wine right now!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Your little one will remember that you were there, and that is important!

  3. I love the fabric for mum's quilt, and do prefer the second layout: fabric is too precious to waste! Maybe on point. I saw the winnings on miss Ginger, congratulations!

  4. The things we do for our kids eh! Look after that head - happy mummies make happy kiddies! Jxo

  5. I remember good toes naughty toes too!! It must be universal!! Ahh the days of ballet shows and rehearsals! well behind me now!

  6. Oh, I've done the ballet Mum thing! Was so glad when her class dissolved and she's old enough to leave at the stables so I don't have to wait around all that horse poo now! *g*

  7. Aw honey, hope the head clears up. You all sound like such patient mums... I mean, I totally get the proud mum moment, but after your five minutes... a 2 hour show?! WELL DONE. lol Hope your swap arrives soon... xxx

  8. Oh a ballet show....how exciting! I used to take my daughter (mum to our twins) she loved ballet and would love her twins to too. Not sure they will, they are probably more likely to ride horses...being animal mad.
    Cant wait to see your mum's quilt!


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