Saturday, 9 July 2011

"They're Here..."

Do you want to hear all about the hours of cleaning and washing I had to endure this morning?  Or the eternity I spent in the Disney Store this afternoon picking up and putting back the same few plastic and sequin horrors all in the name of a 'Well Done' treat for Ballet Twin? Or even the brain numbing trawl around Tesco not wanting to buy any food at all as I have cracked a tooth?


OK, I'll show you what was in the last parcel then!

My Brit Quilt mini finally arrived!  I am so impatient (did you notice?!), having been so psyched up about sending mine, and posting Sarah's a day early to account for the Shetland postal service (which did us proud from the South Coast to the top of the world in under 24 hours!), the last week's wait seemed like an eternity!

Anywho, I digress!  So here is what I received from my partner Leah (SewToBed)...

The quilt depicts the 3 resident evils - now I have 6, I am not sure I'll cope!

The chocolate seems to have 'disappeared' already and if this super weather keeps up I'll be needing the scarf for my summer holiday!

The girls seem to think it is obviously theirs ('but mummy it has us on it'), so I could have a fight on my hands, as it fits perfectly as a sewing machine cover for the retired Brother and that was my idea for its destiny!

Thank you again Leah, I hope your house move goes smoothly x

So there you go - round one of the Brit Quilt Swap, done. and. dusted.  Hands up who's up for round two!

Tomorrow I will be linking up with Sarah at FairyFace Designs to assess my successes or otherwise of the Summer Sewing project, so I best get my quilting skates on!


  1. Yeah to the Brit Quilt swap. So glad you finally received yours - and on bad days please do not treat its sweet people as voodoo dolls when yours are acting up! Where is that chocolate? Because you really need it. Far more than you needed a cracked tooth, crap weather and a less than stellar week. Chocolate and wine is the answer to many a question. Hope the sun shines on you tomorrow and you can get a takeaway - seeing as how you didn't want to buy any food today!!

  2. Yeay, you got it! I admit I was getting worried for you!

    Watching / reading about you lot of swappers has deinitely inspired me to get in on round two, but seriously, do you have the emotional energy to go through all that again?!!

  3. Hope you weren't grinding your teeth...........

  4. Oh at last your have yours! And well worth the wait :) It's a beauty! Chocolate is always a good solution , but not so great with a cracked tooth, hope things pick up soon :) Bring on Round 2 (- after a small rest of course!)

  5. I know you're happy to have received your swap! The quilt is so cute. That chocolate wouldn't have lasted long enough to take photos in my house.

    I shared the gummies with my husband - he loved them. He's a gummy lover.

  6. What a yummy package, such a lot of thought went into it! I'd be scared to join in a swap!

  7. So glad you got yours! Roll on round two :-) xxx

  8. Not sure how I missed this post! Lovely mini quilt. I admired those cute wee people when I saw it being made. So glad you got yours eventually. Bring on the next round. Jxo

  9. It's so pretty!! And what could be better than a quilt arriving with chocolate?!?! Nothing. You're so lucky to have a quilt that pretty :)

  10. So glad you finally got yours! I was getting worried for you! Love that it has little man and double trouble on it, very cute :-)

  11. yay I was right! (for once!)
    just Knew this lovely was for You, FB :-)
    see, Patience is a Virtue ;-) hehe.


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