Sunday, 17 July 2011

"...lots of old things we don't know."

Just in case you have been in hibernation during this glorious 'summer' and have not noticed the emergence of a 'new craze in town', then you need to get yourself over to Lily's Quilts and check out the Hexalong!

Now, I had a foray into hexagons pentagons (happy now Angela!) with my 'ball-making' back in March...

... and I decided then that I would try again, properly, another day.  Maybe that day has come!

Lynne and Gayle are rallying the troops for a paper-piecing revolution.  OK I exagerate, but it looks like bloody good fun!

In pondering my approach, I remembered that a while ago my Mum had given me a bag of all the old bits she had gathered in a failed attempt to make a 'patchwork something' back in the 1970s - so imagine my joy, when a quick forage uncovered these...

How fantastic, original 1977 patterns for 2 blocks,  'Fish' and 'Corn & Beans'!  I think I might have to have a play with these and see if I can get some groovy '70s style fabric to complete the project.

"There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don't know,"  Ambrose Bierce, the old quilter.

Thank you for all your comments and kind blogiversary congratulations; I am loving hearing all your favourite colour combos.  If you missed yesterday's post, there's still plenty of time to enter my Blind Faith Giveaway, and I will keep nagging until you do!


  1. Wow, looks like you struck gold. I reckon all us "vintage" mums have failed hexie quilts somewhere........

  2. Oh, honey! Your hexagons all seem to have lost a side! Do they morph into pentagons if they're left unstitched too long?
    Oh dear, I can feel myself being sucked into the Hexalong...........
    Love the look of your 70's blocks :)

  3. I love your hexagons. I too have one of those Quiltery patterns. I inherited a hat box and bin bag full of ready made hexagons sewn onto the paper templates, from the 70's and the pattern and other quilting items were in with them. This was back in the early 90's when I began quilting. I have over the years used many of the hexagons in different project and one of my daughters has sewn together lots of them into blocks ready to put together into a quilt (which is waiting for Mum to make up!) one day.....

  4. Great find from your mum! I'm thinking about hexies too...

  5. 1977! How funny! Does it perhaps give your age away?? Or maybe just the vintage!! LOL! Like a good wine..... Anyway, your hexies/penties (no, not panties!) are going to be wonderful in modern 21st century fabric!

  6. lovely post Hadley ... I remember those kits ... I think I spent my pocket money on them and then they festered in a drawer ... what I'd give to have them now!

    I think I first 'met' you when you were nerdy geeky ball making ... seems like years ago!

    I've got some wonderful 70s yellow/orange vintage sheet I could let you have ... mail me yr address and I'll pop some in the post :)

  7. Oh a retro 70's quilt would be so funky! Although all I seem to remember from growing up then was garish browns!! Look forward to seeing what prints you choose. Jxo

  8. Those old patterns are such a find!

  9. I totally admire you, I'm giving the hexies a miss for the moment!

  10. The name 'Quiltery' is such genius.. I'm doing the hexie-along too - should be fun.


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