Sunday, 3 July 2011

Good Mummy Day...

Due to all the backstage shenanigans, the little ballerina didn't get to see much of the 'big girls' doing their thing yesterday, so to make amends, and make it feel like the journey was worth it, again, I bought another ticket online this morning and resigned myself to another couple of hours of dance.

Now, don't tell anyone, but as I was sitting in the naughty seats, ie. the back row, I managed to film the bits I wanted, and do you want to know the actual 'on stage' timings?  1min 25secs, and 41 secs!!!!  Now I am so glad I stood my ground in refusing to buy 'show shoes'!  But she looked so cute, was centre stage for much of it unlike yesterday, and she got to come out and watch the remaining 1 1/2 hours with me and a fixed grin on her face.

The only one to curtsey to the applause, bless her!
I presented her with some flowers and I don't think she has ever looked so pleased or been so grateful in her life!  I had to prise them from her sleeping hands on the journey home!

Sitting with Mummy in the naughty seats!
So there you go, my weekend!!  I shifted last night's headache on waking, only to be replaced with another one tonight!  I have however managed to cut my charm squares for the Japanese fabric swap, so they will be winging their way to Cindy in the next couple of days.

I've also pestered Judith about our July Bee Blocks, and I think I have 'come up' with a couple of ideas I am happy with; I have decided not to copy anything in particular, however I am not presuming to make anything incredibly original - I only have 2FQs, and am a little worried about making a mess and then not having enough to make them!

Finally, as mentioned last night, I won 'something';  and not just a 'something', a brilliant metre of Saffron Craig fabric from my dear bloggy friend Verity!  So now I have to decide how I'd like it!  A whole meter of one print, or any combination of many... 

...so difficult to choose...  but I will, I'm going to do it next, and I will let you all know in due course.  Obviously you are all urged to pop of over to Miss Ginger's and have a look at her lovely blog, and her Etsy store.  Thank you again V x

I hope you managed at least a little of what you fancied this weekend, because here comes another working week...

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  1. How cute! And, no, I am not talking about the fabric!! What a lovely idea to give flowers, I bet she loved that


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