Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I've been Rhonda'd!!

If you go down to the Gap today, you are sure of a big surprise!

In today's podcast, by my super crazy friend Rhonda (with an 'h'), you will find out more than you ever wanted or needed to know about me!

Yep, I agreed to let Rhonda 'interview' me and how could I resist, if only to get an American to say Leicestershire and Worcestershire!!!  It was really good fun to compile the answers, and strangely enjoyable to have them read back over the computer.  My children kept saying 'she's talking about you, that's your name."  I am now their 'famous mum'!

Please pop over and have a listen, and have a good scoot round Rhonda's blog; I guarantee you'll be back for the next podcast to hear all about the wedding; I've got my hat ready and everything!

And yes Rhonda, you can put my name down for the quiltalong x

In other news, I ordered my Rainbow Swap 'Blues' from Sew Me Happy last night...

I seem to have a thing about Jenean Morrison's California Dreamin', as last time I picked the pink Yosemite, and this time Santa-Rosa...

... and to make sure I wasn't getting too close to the turquoise buyers, a nice bit of Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley Diamond Dandy New Day...

Now, at the risk of getting a bit repetitive, and it's only Tuesday, but especially if you have popped over from Rhonda's today, please stay a while and maybe enter my blogiversary giveaway.

Happy listening everyone xx


  1. Go you! I've never listened to a podcast before. Not ever. I will pop my podcast cherry with your dulcit tones later. :-)

  2. Go girl, you rock (if not a little OCD)! I listened to it this morning while the Hotpoint engineer was fixing my washing machine! Hilarious listening to Rhonda trying to say our words, tee hee!

  3. Fab interview - just listened to it and lmao at her attempts to say Leicestershire! (Also, "zero levels" made me laugh, took me a minute to realise she meant O Levels!!)
    Good to know you'll be joining our little QAL! BTW, I'm in sunny Tonbridge, not a million miles from you I think?
    R x

  4. Best interview yet! Loved it :-) And she's right, you are a bit nauseating LOL nah, you know I think you're awesome ;-)

  5. Could you stop encouraging people to enter your giveaway! It is making my chances of winning less each and very time. Have to check out the interview on my iPad later. Silly computer has no speakers. Keep reminding himself about this and he keeps forgetting to remedy it. Hmmmfff!

  6. I'm off to download and listen right now. Can't wait!

    I'm with Susan. Please stop reminding folks to sign up. I'm all over a little goodie for myself. Remember - I didn't sign up for that Go! just to better your chances of winning ;)

  7. Just listened, feel like I have stalked you for an hour!! Well done you........btw, my OH, as well as being OCD, is also with HMRC........spooky -(actually that is a whole other story)

  8. I loved the interview (well the 2/3 I got through before daughter came home and wanted to chat!, the rest will be tomorrow!) thanks for the name check - I got VERY excited! Just one day more at school then the hols start! Yippee

  9. Oooh, I've not heard Rhonda's new podcast yet! They are fab - great diddling about in the wee craft room listening (and I'd love to hear how she'd get on with my hometown Alloa, Clackmannanshire!!)


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