Monday, 25 July 2011

Good for your heart...

After a binding session and whilst the wonder machine was still threaded with pretty pink from by Mum's quilt, I thought it was as good a time as any to get my heart made for Caroline, and her All Heart Appeal for Cancer Research. 

If you haven't seen Caroline's request for 8" blocks, then please please please have a look at her blog for the full details of this very worthwhile cause.

Armed with some of my leftover binding strips and some pink Boutique flowers, I got this made up in about half an hour...

... this is my first real attempt at proper machine appliqué and I am rather chuffed at the result; I used my freezer paper, wonderweb and the zigzig stitch, a winning combination, and now added to my teeny repertoire.

If I can make one so can you, half an hour, that's all.

So now as I have attached the 5 miles of binding to my Mum's quilt, I am off to settle in front of the TV and do my favourite bit - yay!!  

Honestly this quilt is not that huge as far as quilts go, but it is the biggest I have ever made, and as it has been the hottest couple of days in absolutely ages, it has all seemed like a bit of a sweaty struggle!

Day 1 of the summer holiday is drawing to a successful close, sweet as.


  1. Enjoy hand stitching the binding. I love that stage too, but not sure about it in this heat!

  2. That quilt is in such gorgeous colours. Your mum will be thrilled. Happy binding sewing. I am going to bed to avoid those pesky flying ants.

  3. I think I might have to pretend to be your mum (little red riding hood styly) so I can get my hands on that quilt... :)
    heart is cute too x

  4. Mums quilt is looking really good :-)

  5. Love this quilt FB, just love it :-)
    Must get on & make a heart for Caroline too, well done you :-)

  6. Yeh! Another heart! Great cause. Jxo


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