Thursday, 21 July 2011

Want to see something funny?

Now a week or so back, lovely Laura, Needles, Pins and Baking Tins (Hi Lolly!) sent me a few red scraps just in case I didn't have enough for my Project 51 blocks.  Well, to pay her back for all her hard work, Queen Mother Bee-ing and other good deeds, I promised I'd make her something using some of the aforementioned scraps.

What do you reckon, something small, beautiful and paper-pieced to perfection?  Oh, no, no, no!

Today, just a sneak peak of the 'gift' I made last night; and once I know it is safely in her hands after the weekend, I will do a full reveal.  Until then...

OK, so it may not look that funny here, but trust me.  Can you guess what it is yet?

I promise that this little project is no way representative of what you could expect for this!  Unless you want it to be!

After that, we had a visitor...

Man, those hedgies are fast!


  1. Cant think of anything publishable to write... ;-) so what is it then?!

  2. I would put in a massive cocktai and have the straw sticking out the top. Sure that isn't what it is meant for, but I would do it anyway!

  3. Or a coffee cosy? Nah.

    Yep, hedgehogs are fast when you always think they should be slow.

  4. Fancy toilet brush cover? Hedgehog carry case (dead or alive - in your case most likely to be dead!). Jxo

  5. Water bottle holder? Have I ever told you we have a pet hedgehog? Twiglet (aka mr twiggleman) is a vanilla tipped African Pygmy hedgehog!

  6. A WILD hedgehog? Really? Cool. We just get skunks and raccoons in these parts. Re: your little gift up there, I have to say that you've rendered me speechless.

  7. Hi Hadders!

    Nobody but you has ever called me lolly. I quite like it :-) Makes me feel like a lolly-dolly-bird!

    My ideas so far have stretched to:

    Wine bottle jazzer-upper.
    Toilet roll cover-upper.
    Carrier bag storer.
    Naughty kitty torture device.

    I get the feeling I'm not even close...But am ever so excited to see it!!!

  8. carrier bag holder?
    Nah, thats too too obvious, espesh for You FB ;-)
    We had happy hedgepigs here for awhile - Mummy Hedgepig used to bring her babies in for supper (cat food).......my cats looked on in disbelief.........
    Daddy Hedgepig even made it upstairs, checking out the bedrooms (honest!)........so yes, indeed they do have long legs ;-)
    Sadly the next door neighbours dog was rather partial to Playtime with the Hedgepigs...... so they all buggered off, never to be seen again :-(

  9. I have no idea! I've sat here and thought, and thunk, and I really have no idea! if it's a toilet roll holder, please can it have one of those scarey doll heads on the top!

  10. Looks a lot like a lunch bag to me, but it must not be!
    We don't have hedgehogs around here. We have armadillo. They're not very fast although I've only seen one alive once. They come out at night and you see them dead on the road mostly!


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