Friday, 11 February 2011

Oh for goodness sake!!

What was destined to be a great day turned into one of those frustrating, annoying and downright idiotic few hours with a few bright spots!
  • Rain, so no roofers.
  • Burglar alarm man came, went, and we await his quote.
  • Trees will be gone on Tuesday, cut down, it turns out, by one of the mums from nursery, and her father-in-law!
  • TV sideboard, which we have awaited for a fortnight, came and went without leaving the UPS van as the guy discovered it had a 'broken leg'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Long phonecalls, angry me and the promise of a whole £30 back for the further 2 week wait until they can deliver a new one.  Grrrr.
  • 'Quick' call to IKEA to see if the 'bit' was on the van today, only to find out that the previous 2 chaps I had spoken to had not set the request up correctly, and so it was going to have to be re-ordered, and had I not been such an impatient bugger, we would have been waiting indefinitely!  Double grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • M&S delivery of bathroom storage and the little table...

So not all bad, but could have been a heck load better!

So to reward your patience for listening to my day, take a look at this beautiful home - now, I usually skip through the daily Apartment Therapy tours, liking a couple of rooms or a lamp or something, but today's whole place is just lovely!  The owner's blog, which can be translated with google translate from Dutch (well, sort of!), looks pretty special too.

Happy Weekend everybody x

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