Sunday, 6 February 2011

The best laid plans...

Tonight I was going to regale you with tails of DIY and our smashing new bedroom furniture, instead I am in a mood because 'someone' packed an incorrect piece into our Hemnes 8-drawer chest, scuppering our plans until a new bit can be sent this week :(

So just to cheer myself up, here's a peaceful corner of our home.  Flowers just about still going from last Sunday, and a picture my Dad painted as a wedding present...

Also a reminder to check out the HUG progress on flickr; I feel I am going great guns for a couple of hours per evening, and tonight I am hoping to get the flower row completed.


  1. You certainly are making great progress!

  2. You made me laugh - the girls and I take bets on how long until husband says "£&@/?# Ikea".... The number of times something has been missing .. Still I love the style, and the price :-)


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