Saturday, 19 February 2011

Second thoughts...

What a grey old day, however we have 'lofted', tidied, cleaned and I spent the afternoon with one eye on the Hug, and the other on Up, except of course when I was shedding the odd tear!

Having slept on the Echino possibility, we have decided that the colours were just a bit too bold, and simply don't go with the bedding that we currently own and love!

So back to almost square one, and my quilting roots of freebies, hence an idea to use some of those recent samples and maybe I have just ordered a few more, and maybe I might have to make another 'selection' in a week or so!

I have stapled the four canvases together in anticipation, and will now sit back and wait for the postman!

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  1. I spent a good portion of my evening ripping out...good luck with your project.


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