Saturday, 5 February 2011

A bit more like home...

This morning we built the 3 bookcases for the bedroom, so we just have a chest of drawers left to tackle tomorrow then we can move back downstairs for some more building and sorting there. 

I also put up our light and it looks pretty lovely, especially as it has a dimmer and moves from a soft warm glow to bright white.

I also received these little beauties from Sandersons in the post, the fabrics that I am eyeing for my chair...

I think I am at risk of heading down the slippery slope that I began on my C&G, collecting as many samples as possible because they are free!  It's quite addictive, and as we know, resulted in my first quilt


  1. very clever - i love the new sanderson collection. which are you going to choose?

  2. I think the velvet is probably the best way to go, as it'll leave me the constant 'need' to making more and more cushions!


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