Friday, 18 February 2011

I heart Inset days!

Firstly a big thank you for all your kind words about the HUG, they really mean a lot - check out today's new Flickr pic!

Today then, taking just 3 hours flexi-leave, I managed to cram in loads especially as there was no school run, no rain and no furniture to build for a change!

There were huge Belgian Buns for breakfast, (apologies to any Danes reading, but the Belgian variety looked yummier this morning), a lovely pot of tea, with a tea strainer, and a huge chocolate milkshake for my companion; the parcel was safely posted to NZ, we did some reading about tarantulas - not my choice, a few random rounds of eye-spy, a quick spin around Tesco, all before collecting the girlies from nursery, then back home for a bit of mummy-time!

We are still in need of a large picture or 'something' to go above our bed, to cover some incumbent holes and scuffs, and also to inject a bit of colour and personality.  So after a little ponder, here are my first 'drafts' using some of my beautiful and beloved Echinos and some previously covered canvases...

I have a real problem cutting into these gorgeous prints, so I am thinking that they will remain largely intact and be able to be re-used in the future should we tire of them, and I would get to see them all the time - so a win win.  Dear hubby seems to be onside at first glance, so I may well get happy with the staple gun over the weekend.

Taking the photos, and trying to get all 4 canvases in wasn't so easy, even with assistance!

Then, as if playing with fabric wasn't enough, I just needed to make a little something, some good old instant gratification, and what better way to use up some of those scraps left over from the bunting, than pin cushions.

I literary had my conscience pricked last night; check this beauty out by lovely clever Fi (Patchwork Delights) - I can only dream of making anything so perfect!  When Verity said at New Year that she was going to make a concerted effort to make things from the books she owns, this was one of those 'things' I vowed to make!

So I grabbed my Quilting In No Time and got going!

I didn't want the frilly bit, and I probably didn't follow the instructions to the letter, and if you don't look too closely, I am really rather chuffed! 

The pink one is for my mum, sort of a early consolation prize for looking after dear son for a few days over half term!  The other one is just for me. 

The postman also came laden with literature, (well you may beg to differ), and I now have these to look forward to...

I love days like these.

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  1. gosh i love that fabric and think you are so clever - your quilting is just brilliant. i wish i could do that. glad you enjoyed inset - as a teacher i love them too!


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