Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mighty mitre...

Look at this, my most perfect corner ever!  OK so you are all yawning now, but this has taken me forever to master!

I started binding both doll's quilts this morning and will hopefully get a little more done this evening, but the HUG is getting first dibs on my sofa time. 

It was so beautifully today, I hope you got to make the most of the sunshine!  So where was I all afternoon?  Stuck in the cinema watching Yogi Bear that's where.  Please just don't; if you only ever do one thing I ask, it's stay away from the bear, life is too short!  


  1. i need you to teach me to quilt. Love the colours - well done. x

  2. Such a good feeling when a corner works! You did much better than me today, mine were rubbish!

  3. Thats really neat...I must say I am pretty chuffed when I get a good mitre. Sad you didnt enjoy Yogi...I loved it, but then it took me back to my childhood...I am older than you!


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