Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I spoke too soon!

So this morning was great; the sound of the rain on the conservatory roof as I got out my sewing machine and got busy.

I decided to use up the real scrappy It's A Hoot scraps, offcuts from the bunting that had already been used for the pin cushions, and now destined for my new spec-mat.  I tried a technique that I had not attempted before - quilting as you go - joining and quilting at the same time.  I saw this on a larger quilt-scale over on Rebecca Merry's blog ages ago, and lodged the idea in the back of my mind until now.

I used a scrap of yellow for the backing, and figured pink cotton would be a nice contrast, and a full piece from the layer cake for the binding.

Unfortunately I didn't have any bright yellow cotton, so came to a halt after attaching the binding...

I moved on to the dolls' quilts, cutting 8cm squares from the largest scraps, and ran up the tops pretty quickly.  I found some perfectly sized wadding pieces ready and waiting and some lovely sunny yellow polka dot yardage for the backing.

So the plan was to stop off at the fabric shop in the village, to get some yellow thread for both projects on my way to pick up dear son from Pease Pottage services, mid-way/30 mins between my parents and home, and then being home in about an hour and a half to get on with the stitchery.  Hmmm...

I arrived to hear on the radio that a 'serious incident' on the M25 had shut the motorway between the 2 junctions the others were travelling on.  My first reaction was a lot of swearing and urging my mum to quickly answer her phone in complete panic mode, followed by relief when my she answered saying there was a bit of a traffic jam!  Phew...

Do you carry an emergency crafting kit with you where-ever you go, or maybe just a needle and thread?  Well I don't, but I will from now on!  Armed with both the unfinished spec-mat and new thread, I spent the next 2 hours, (should have been 15 minutes), cursing the fact I was needle-free and refusing to spend £6.99 on a travel sewing kit from the newsagents.

However we all met up and got home safe and sound in the end, and I have just completed the spec-mat binding.  I am quite pleased considering I was probably just going to chuck those tiny pieces in the bin!

The dollies will have to wait until tomorrow, but they haven't complained!


  1. isn't that always the way! I'm just packing a little hexie bag for a uni trip with students tomorrow! I'll probably sew about two, but if I didn't have em I know I'd be cursin all the way!

    Love the spec mat - what a great idea ... doll quilts are fab too :)

  2. What should have been rug-mugs have actually worked well as spec-mats, as they are a bit too bumpy and would wobble a mug over immediately; and I am rubbish at putting my glasses lens-side up at night.

    It's a shame the HUG is too big to cart about with me, I could have got sooooo much done if it had been with me this afternoon.

    Have fun tomorrow.

  3. Thanks for posting your first quilt on my blog - I just love the fabrics and am becoming determined to move into the more modern look, great finding your blog.


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