Sunday, 20 February 2011

7 things about a Stylsh Blogger...

A great big thank you to lovely Verity of Miss Ginger Makes - she has deemed me worthy of a Stylish Blogger award, how about that!

So, the name of the game is that I now tell you 7 things about me, and then pass the award along to others, then these recipients do likewise...

I can't promise interesting, but these have sprung randomly to mind...

1.  I like Katie Price, and I'm not sorry.  I know that's not stylish, and sometimes she can be downright irritating with a mouth that fires off before her brain engages, but if you saw last night's Let's Dance for Comic Relief, you'll see why!

2. I own every Smiths single, ever.  In my youth I was such a total 'fan' - now I don't think I could name anyone in the charts, except Take That!

3. I don't drink anymore.  Since having the children I have had a real aversion; I probably had more than my fair share before though!

4. My girls favourite story is the tale of when I got a stone stuck in my ear!

5. I hate tangled coat hangers!  The noise, the random and impossible untangling is just my idea of hell!  Arrgh!!!!

6. I once got picked up when hitch-hiking in New Zealand by a couple of girls with guns in the boot of their car!  We let them drop us off anywhere they wanted!

7. I've been slowly eating my way through most of my children's Easter Eggs from last year - they had so many they haven't noticed - there are still 2 remaining which survived the move!

There are so many blogs that I love and follow that I could just put a link to Google and let you find them all yourselves, but that is just too easy.  So I decided to narrow my choice to just 4, otherwise I really would just list all of my Followers blogs and all those I Follow.  Please please please don't take offence if you are not one of the Fantastic Four.  Maybe one of my '7 things' should have been that "I am paranoid about offending the people that matter to me!"

So in alpha order...


Spreading the love to Marguerite, Helen, Rebecca and Benta xx


  1. Thank you Hadley! I like the idea of being one of Fantastic Four :-) That's a real compliment.

  2. Why how sweet! What an honor to be included in your Fantastic Four!!

  3. Thanks Hadley!

    I'll pop onto my blog later tonight and do my list... now to think of MY Fantastic Four... or Three ... or Six .... or????


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