Saturday, 12 February 2011

All things Brighton beautiful....

See what I did there!?

I popped over to Brighton this morning to go to the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show, and then took a quick sprint round Churchill Square.

I'm glad I went, and I managed to buy a few bits and pieces, but it was way too busy for me.  Unfortunately about 75% of the exhibitors were selling paper-craft type things which I did not stop to look at, and the average age of the visitors was about 80, which seemed to determine the walking pace and my patience just doesn't stretch that far!

So here are my lovelies, a scrap bag from The Eternal Maker, a nice big rule, and a fantastic pattern for a union jack quilt from Mandy Shaw of Dandelion Designs.

There was also the most amazing/weird knitted/crocheted seascape!  I didn't venture through the undersea tunnel as I didn't want to be trapped under all that wool with a bunch of octogenarians, but it was quite fun, if you like knitted fish.  There was also a small display by members of the Quilter's Guild.   Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so I could only get a couple of snaps on my phone, so they aren't very clear.

After a quick look in Habitat, I bumped into a Dalek or two, then came home for a cup of tea...


  1. as i am not interested in paper craft - is it worth a hour and half drive there and then same back? weather is going to be terrible so i dont think i will venture on the prom !
    your post makes me think not?xx

  2. There were lots of lovely papers, but I would just end up hoarding, and never using them.

    There were a few bead stalls; but I shuffled as fast as I could past the Stitch Witch and her collection of old fashioned (in a bad way) fabrics!

    There were probably a lot of knitting and crochet stalls which you would appreciate more than me, and a big sit-down knitting area! Oh, and lots of magnifying lamps.

    Not sure if that's much help! If the weather was going to be better I would definitely say pop in, you could always head for The Lanes?

  3. LOL! I went this afternoon and yes, the zimmer frames were out in force! I was disappointed that there were so many paper craft stalls, but I did manage to find a roll of freezer paper! Yay! My first!

    I'll post about my finds later ... I've got a couple of pics little old ladies and some glitter :)

    I would say that if you're into cross stitch, traditional quilting (think maroon, racing green and brown)or want to buy a nice warm coat, you're in for a treat. Otherwise, not really worth the £7 imho.

  4. arr thank you! i think i am going to go for a lay in long dog walk and making my banner now. do love the lanes but may wait for pay day ha ha!
    thank you so much for heads up. x

  5. Well, I ventured out to the show (in appalling weather!!!) with DD & was A VERY GOOD GIRL INDEED! I didn't buy ANY fabric at all, not one teensy weensy FQ, nope, nada.

    But I was sooo tempted ha!

    Eternal Maker's stand had me drooling over the new Echino & Melody Miller's Ruby Star RIsing, how fab is that, I wanted to buy ALL of it, lol.
    So, have promised myself a trip down to Chichester asap to spend some quality time perusing EM's entire warehouse :-)

    Did manage to buy some lovely yarn & circular needles tho', so am now busy knitting socks ;-)


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