Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Presents I want to keep!

With my sister in New Zealand, I have to plan ahead for birthdays and Christmas otherwise nothing would ever arrive on time, so with a birthday in a couple of weeks, I need to get this little lot in the post to her pronto!

The bag is a fantastic Angie Lewin design for Liberty in aid of Comic Relief.  What a fantastic combination, I think I will be heading back to TKMaxx to get one for myself, because obviously the 6372 bags I already have aren't enough - and being for charity, I would be a mean old miser to not part with my money eh!?  The red noses are so subtle and brilliant!

About a year ago I was studying printmaking as part of my C&G and one of my attempts at copying a design was an Angie Lewin print. 

The fabrics swatches I received back then were beautiful, but very expensive.  So now I am wondering why on earth I didn't just buy 2 bags in the first place... doh!


  1. Great gift! I love Liberty and as we are off to Devon for half term....seeing twins and new baby! I may just pop into TKMaxx and see if they have a bag...or two. (to add to my collection of 6373 bags)

  2. I really like Angie Lewin designs - so simple and effective. Never would have thought a red-nose themed print could be so elegant!

  3. Oh my goodness, is TK Max open at 10pm? I want one of those bags!


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